Wind Storm

Thursday, December 14, 2006
What an exciting night it was in our neighborhood. When Landon got home, a storm had just started moving through, but I wasn't really thinking about it, because I had other things on my mind--like dinner! I ran up to Fred Meyer while Landon stayed home with Samuel to get a few missing ingredients for a chicken & rice soup I planned to make. I was in the middle of the store when the power went off & the store went pitch black--pretty scary! Then, the generator came on, and the store was dimly lit. Most aisles were pretty difficult to navigate or see inventory. It took me about 30 minutes to finish getting what I needed--lots of customers & dimly lit conditions. When I went out to the parking structure to leave, it was pitch black--I was a little scared. Traffic was a nightmare--no power during rush hour, and it becomes obvious in this scenario how many drivers do not understand right-of-way laws. Craziness! Finally got home to a dark house & decided I would drive down the hill to see if there was power so I could possibly pick up some take-out. Well, turns out, our house was on the edge of the outage, so I was able to get some tasty Thai take-out & some beverages & treats @ Zupan's. We had a cozy candlelit dinner once I got home, and shortly thereafter, the power came back on! We got Samuel to bed, cleaned up the kitchen, & sat down to enjoy an episode of Rome. No sooner had the first episode finished when the lights flickered, then we heard a transformer blow & the power went completely out again. I went upstairs & lit a plate full of votive candles & listened to the wind howl & the house creak & groan from the pressure of it. Finally, the candles were blown out, and after an hour or so of listening to the wind, I finally fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, the skies were clear, the power was back on, and the storm was over. There were lots of fallen branches, especially from Doug Firs, but our trees only dropped a few small branches & twigs. I get a little nervous during these huge wind storms, as we have 2 oak trees overhanging our house, as well as 2 maples on our east-facing slope, but then I remind myself that they made it through the Columbus Day storm, and I'm reassured that they're most likely not going anywhere anytime soon. --KK Posted by Picasa


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