Grey's Anatomy

Friday, December 29, 2006
I've discovered that I can download TV shows into itunes & watch them clear as day from my imac. I never spent a lot of time on itunes when I was sharing a computer with Landon, but now that I'm an official mac user, I'm in itunes quite a bit, and am getting my music library assembled. Anyway, as I was doing that, I discovered you can also download videos & tv shows. Grey's Anatomy, Season 3 is being aired currently, but I'm still watching Season 2 thu Netflix. I just finished Season 2, and was going to have to wait a year to watch Season 3, but today I watched a few episodes through itunes. So much fun! Landon thinks it is silly I'm paying $1.99 to watch episodes I can wait until next year to watch thru Netflix, but we pay for Netflix too, and who wants to wait a year? Plus, we got a $20.00 itunes gift card from Mark & Miriam for Christmas, so what better way to spend it? Grey's is sooo addicting--I love it! I also used some of the gift card for one of Neko Case's albums--try her out!


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