Christmas is Over, Modem Dies

Tuesday, December 26, 2006
When Christmas is over, it's over. I'm not someone who enjoys leaving decorations up through the New Year, so I took everything down today. It was refreshing to have the house back to its original state. The tree had become dry, so it was nice to get all the pine needles out of the living room. I enjoyed the decorations all month & it helped us to all feel festive & merry, but by the time Christmas passes, I'm ready to have them come down.

Our modem broke today as well as one of the internal fans, so we ended up spending all day trouble-shooting & driving around trying to find the necessary replacement items. We decided the time is right for Landon to upgrade and to purchase me an imac & printer for school so we can keep our computer systems in separate areas. Landon really needs to have his own office, as do I, so I think we'll be much better off!

I took a nap today...I was so tired from putting on Christmas Dinner yesterday!



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