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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas Tree 2006
Non-stop all day this girl was. It's with a sore back & tired feet that I sit here to type this. First thing this morning, Mike & Susan dropped off the last two boxes of china. Then, we were off to Fred Meyer for cold medicine, Starbucks, then A-Boy to pick up our Christmas tree. The tree lot wasn't opened yet, so we skirted on over to the east side to check out a lot that was advertising organic trees for $15.00. Well, that lot was sketch, and by then Landon was getting cranky & wasn't feeling well, so I took him home, and Samuel & I headed to A-boy to get the Christmas tree. Boy, was Samuel excited. They tied it to the roof, and when we got home, Samuel couldn't wait to get out of the car & get the tree down. I can't help but wonder what he thought when we actually carried the tree into the house. He was squealing & running & bouncing off the walls with excitement. Then came the crash & the toddler melt-down. So, nap-time it was. I used that time to get the tree decorated. I made at least two trips to A-boy & another trip to Fred Meyer to get the ice & rice lights I needed. Hey, that rhymed. Everything is now beautifully decorated. Gay gave me Christmas bulbs that her mother made by hand in the 60's last year, and I was excited to put those on the tree. They are really beautiful bulbs! So beautiful, in fact, that they grace the high branches. I don't take chances with breakables with an almost two-year old! Then I got to unpacking the china. It's a beautiful set--I am really excited to have them! Landon isn't really excited at all & says I can't expect him to get excited about dishes. He didn't get excited about much of anything today, because he has a cold. Guys are such babies when they are sick. . . and that's all I'm gonna say. He didn't help decorate or unpack anything...most of the day he read & nursed his cold...but he did carry in the tree--I'll give him that much. I hope your cold gets better soon, Landon--really, I do!

Well, the dishes have been put away, the house is toasty warm & festive for the holidays. I'm sipping on some egg nog & Meyer's rum. Happy December everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for your comments. It's cool staying in contact with you and seeing your family grow. Hope your cold gets better.

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