ADHD in Motherhood

Wednesday, December 06, 2006
My physical therapist tried to diagnose me with ADHD today based on a statement I made to her about struggling with concentration at the end of the day when I'm reading. She told me she's studying clinical psychology right now, and apparently, this gives her the liberty to start misdiagnosing her PT patients. I've never had any tendencies towards ADHD, but I guess I can appreciate this person's concern. She handed me a brochure with the name of a friend of hers that specializes in ADHD. The only attention deficit I have is related to being the mother of a 22 month old, that constantly requires attention & diverts me in a million and one directions on a daily basis. I would bet money that this PT does not have children. In motherhood, it is a requirement & a skill to be able to divert your attention while maintaining the ability to return to what you were previously doing. Just now, I had to jump up from the computer to catch the mashed apple Samuel decided to cough up just now. Motherhood definitely makes me feel ADHD, but it doesn't MAKE me ADHD. And, as for the brochure--it currently lies at the bottom of my recycling bin.



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