Goodbye, 2006

Sunday, December 31, 2006
Landon, Samuel, & I planted about 100 bulbs today. We did so using the naturalization strategy. Scatter first, then plant where the bulbs drop. Now I can't wait for spring! Sushi for dinner tonight--second night in a row! So good!

Happy New Year--I'll lift my glass of French red to 2007!!

Night out with the Ladies

Saturday, December 30, 2006
Hung out tonight with Colleen & Cindy at Colleen's new apartment in NW. It was really cute--dark brick on the interior. We all walked to a nearby sushi shop & ate a variety from the sushi menu. Super tasty! Colleen & I favored the Spider. I'm not sure which one Cindy liked the best--maybe the Hawaiian one? Colleen treated us to warm house saki--super good! We were going to head to the sauna after dinner, but we got to talking & forgot to watch the time. It was a fun night out!


Grey's Anatomy

Friday, December 29, 2006
I've discovered that I can download TV shows into itunes & watch them clear as day from my imac. I never spent a lot of time on itunes when I was sharing a computer with Landon, but now that I'm an official mac user, I'm in itunes quite a bit, and am getting my music library assembled. Anyway, as I was doing that, I discovered you can also download videos & tv shows. Grey's Anatomy, Season 3 is being aired currently, but I'm still watching Season 2 thu Netflix. I just finished Season 2, and was going to have to wait a year to watch Season 3, but today I watched a few episodes through itunes. So much fun! Landon thinks it is silly I'm paying $1.99 to watch episodes I can wait until next year to watch thru Netflix, but we pay for Netflix too, and who wants to wait a year? Plus, we got a $20.00 itunes gift card from Mark & Miriam for Christmas, so what better way to spend it? Grey's is sooo addicting--I love it! I also used some of the gift card for one of Neko Case's albums--try her out!

Imac, Part 2

Thursday, December 28, 2006
I am enjoying my new imac. It's so user-friendly. Now that I have my own desk & computer, it will be much easier to keep everything organized & I'll have a seperate place to do all our financial business from Landon's desk. Landon now has his own office downstairs, and he's been working to get it set up how he wants it. I've offered lots of advice, of course, and it's looking good in there. Back to my imac--I am learning how to use the Quicken version for mac, iphoto, learning how to transfer music over from Landon's itunes, all my documents, get my e-mails transferred over from Incredimail to the mac's e-mail client. It's been a lot of work, and will continue into tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006
I am the new owner of an imac! Stay tuned! --Karli

Christmas is Over, Modem Dies

Tuesday, December 26, 2006
When Christmas is over, it's over. I'm not someone who enjoys leaving decorations up through the New Year, so I took everything down today. It was refreshing to have the house back to its original state. The tree had become dry, so it was nice to get all the pine needles out of the living room. I enjoyed the decorations all month & it helped us to all feel festive & merry, but by the time Christmas passes, I'm ready to have them come down.

Our modem broke today as well as one of the internal fans, so we ended up spending all day trouble-shooting & driving around trying to find the necessary replacement items. We decided the time is right for Landon to upgrade and to purchase me an imac & printer for school so we can keep our computer systems in separate areas. Landon really needs to have his own office, as do I, so I think we'll be much better off!

I took a nap today...I was so tired from putting on Christmas Dinner yesterday!


Christmas Dinner

Monday, December 25, 2006
I cooked Christmas dinner today for 9 adults & 2 children. The maple-infused brined turkey turned out wonderfully & the apple & herb stuffing was delicious. Then there was mashed potatoes, Mike & Susan brought roasted vegies, Gay brought sweet potatoes, and the gravy came from New Seasons. There was cranberries, olives, hor d'eurves (lox, cream cheese, red onion, capers, & bread, cheese & crackers, pistacios, and hot cranberry cider. Lots of liquor & wine. It was a fun evening. Gay ran everyone through a group game (unsure of the name). Merry Christmas!


Christmas Eve

Sunday, December 24, 2006
I practiced carving my parents' turkey today, and did a pretty good job for my first time, so I should be able to do an even better job tomorrow carving our own turkey. We spent Christmas Eve down in McMinnville, and boy did Samuel have a lot of fun opening up more presents! He got lots of nice clothes from his Nana & Papa, and a great little tool set from his Aunt Tracy & Uncle Mike. He got coloring books & eraseable crayons. 3 or 4 was a fun day in McMinnville. It poured so hard on the way home I had to stay around 45 mph. It was some pretty treacherous driving conditions. We made it home safely, and I'm looking forward to cooking all day tomorrow!


Hamburger Joint

Saturday, December 23, 2006
Landon and I were going to see zoo lights with Samuel tonight, but when we got there, it was such a mob scene that we decided to go for a walk in our neighborhood instead. The walk turned out to be so nice! It was a clear, but cold, evening. While on our walk, we found a new hamburger joint right in the midst of our neighborhood called Shenanigan's. It's a cozy sports oriented diner that has a community feel to it. We enjoyed a plate of fries & shared a beer. Nice little snack to supplement our walk. We've now lived in our new house/neighborhood for seven months, and are still discovering new things about it. This is the neighborhood that keeps on giving...
P.S. Happy 31st Birthday, Tasha (my first cousin in my mom's side)!

Opening Presents

Friday, December 22, 2006
Landon, Samuel & I couldn't wait a day longer, so we all opened up our presents tonight--three days before Christmas. It was a fun & relaxing evening, and in some ways, I'm glad we didn't try to cram it into Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, as those days are going to be busy enough! Samuel got lots of dinosaurs & a dinosaur poster from Finnegan's for his room. He also got a tool kit, some old-fashioned metal toys from Spielwork, and some books. He was one happy boy! Tomorrow he will get to open presents in McMinnville. What a lucky boy!
P.S. I got a super nice book bag from Landon from REI for school. It will be so nice!

End of an Era

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Coffee People is closing down all locations in early January, and those great little Motor Mochas will become drive-through Starbucks. I’ve used the one on Powell the most, and it will depress my little heart to see STARBUCKS there now. Coffee People has been a big part of my life since coming to Portland 12 years ago, and it was coffee coolers & velvet hammers with cups full of gummy bears that helped get me through many classes. My Dad once opened my checkbook in those days to find it full of 2-3 dollar carbon copies of checks all written to Coffee People. It is truly an end to an era. Welcome to the era of corporate uniformity. Portland just isn't going to be the same without Coffee People!


Wednesday, December 20, 2006
I looked everywhere for my keys today, and just when I thought we'd be late to Samuel's doctor's appointment, I started checking the intake vents & heating registers. Sure enough, that's where they were. Only the Mom of a toddler would think to do that.

Another Day

Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Slow day...not much going on. Landon's OOT until tomorrow. Samuel's got a bad cough...kept him from taking a real nap, although he did sleep for about thirty minutes. Ran to the post some last minute Christmas shopping done. Nothing too exciting today!


Monday, December 18, 2006
Went to book-club this evening, and it was a lot of fun. We did a holiday book exchange, and I was really happy with the book I ended up with. There was lots of holiday goodies & delicious food...I left super full! I realized before the end of book-club that I might not be able to go next term, not only due to the amount of studying it will require to get an A in A & P, but because my lab class conflicts with our book-club night.


End to a Nice Weekend

Sunday, December 17, 2006
We made some nice improvements to our house this weekend. We rearranged the living room--looks way more inviting & cozy. Landon also finished putting up his peg board above his new work-bench in our basement, hung his tools, and built shelving on the other side for our household supplies. It looks great down there!


Saturday, December 16, 2006
Landon worked in our basement a fair amount today, and Samuel loves working alongside him, so I had a few hours this afternoon to do some reading in my A & P book. It is all very interesting...I think I'm going to enjoy this. --Karli

Day at Home

Friday, December 15, 2006
We made a lot of progress in our basement late this afternoon. Landon couldn't go to work due to a power outage, and after working from home, we started working in our basement. We got most of our storage up into the crawlspace. We're having water during heavy rains seep through foundation cracks, so it's good to get all of our stuff into a dry space. Plus, we now have lots of extra floor space. Eventually, when we finish part of the basement, we'll have to really look into waterproofing. For now, we're going to hopefully help the problem short-term by leveling the ground off or installing a French drain on the exterior around the north & west-facing sides of our house, where the water is coming through. --Karli

Wind Storm

Thursday, December 14, 2006
What an exciting night it was in our neighborhood. When Landon got home, a storm had just started moving through, but I wasn't really thinking about it, because I had other things on my mind--like dinner! I ran up to Fred Meyer while Landon stayed home with Samuel to get a few missing ingredients for a chicken & rice soup I planned to make. I was in the middle of the store when the power went off & the store went pitch black--pretty scary! Then, the generator came on, and the store was dimly lit. Most aisles were pretty difficult to navigate or see inventory. It took me about 30 minutes to finish getting what I needed--lots of customers & dimly lit conditions. When I went out to the parking structure to leave, it was pitch black--I was a little scared. Traffic was a nightmare--no power during rush hour, and it becomes obvious in this scenario how many drivers do not understand right-of-way laws. Craziness! Finally got home to a dark house & decided I would drive down the hill to see if there was power so I could possibly pick up some take-out. Well, turns out, our house was on the edge of the outage, so I was able to get some tasty Thai take-out & some beverages & treats @ Zupan's. We had a cozy candlelit dinner once I got home, and shortly thereafter, the power came back on! We got Samuel to bed, cleaned up the kitchen, & sat down to enjoy an episode of Rome. No sooner had the first episode finished when the lights flickered, then we heard a transformer blow & the power went completely out again. I went upstairs & lit a plate full of votive candles & listened to the wind howl & the house creak & groan from the pressure of it. Finally, the candles were blown out, and after an hour or so of listening to the wind, I finally fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, the skies were clear, the power was back on, and the storm was over. There were lots of fallen branches, especially from Doug Firs, but our trees only dropped a few small branches & twigs. I get a little nervous during these huge wind storms, as we have 2 oak trees overhanging our house, as well as 2 maples on our east-facing slope, but then I remind myself that they made it through the Columbus Day storm, and I'm reassured that they're most likely not going anywhere anytime soon. --KK Posted by Picasa

Lots of Messes

Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Samuel was a handful today. See picture for one of the may messes he made. I had to redecorate the tree after he pulled off bulbs & beads. I'm going in for a massage tonight, and I don't plan to rush home, let's just put it that way!
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Happy 30th Birthday, Sharla!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006
I met Sharla on her 21st birthday, and it's hard to believe 9 years have gone by already. I'll be 30 myself in a few short weeks. Looking forward to a new decade, but it's hard to leave my twenties behind. Have a good one, Sharla!


Monday, December 11, 2006
Samuel threw a big tantrum today when it was time to get into the car after going to the play-gym. It was pouring down rain, I put my knee in a puddle of sour milk on the car seat, and Samuel was screaming at the top of his lungs, arching his back, and throwing himself against the bottom of the car. I wanted to cry. So, I did.


Sunday, December 10, 2006
Landon and Mike were finishing the work-bench today, so I watched Samuel all day, and went to get our weekly groceries sans Landon. We're starting to get our groceries now at New Seasons. I love that store! Last week, Samuel broke the Christmas ornament I was buying from there, and they gave me the broken one as well as let us pick out another one. The broken one only had a small crack, so we basically got two ornaments for the price of one. They were owls...Samuel's favorite bird right now! We're getting our free-range turkey from New Seasons this year. I'm going to make an apple & herb stuffing to go with it.

This evening I also hung up some of the wood figures Samul's great-grandpa Paul has made for him the past two years. I got Samuel's decorative light-switch cover hung, touched up some paint in his room, and hung up his hooks from our old house down low so he can learn to hang his own towel & coats up. Felt good about getting these things done, as they've been hanging over my head for about six months now.


Saturday, December 09, 2006
11am--Sylvia's 3rd Christmas Party--thanks for the flubber recipe, Miriam!
1pm--Annual Christmas Tea with Mom & sisters--thanks for the Christmas gift, Mom!
5pm--Peri's annual Christmas party--what a fun party--thanks, Peri's!

Landon's really struggling with this cold. He's going on his 3rd week now, and has developed a bad cough that is keeping him up at night.

Today was a busy day, but lots of fun. Part of why I like December is that it is busy & there are lots of holiday parties to attend!


Christmas Party

Friday, December 08, 2006
Tonight was Landon's work party, and it was located downtown at the 5th Ave Suites Hotel. It was a lot of fun, and I especially liked my lemon drops. It was great catching up with some of his co-workers that I rarely see, and the food was delicious! Samuel had a rough night at home. He seems to be going through a mommy phase, and doesn't want to be left home without us. Cindy did a great job, though, and I'm sure she earned every dollar tonight! It was great having a night out with Landon for a change, and I hope we can start doing this a little more often!

Birthday Party

Thursday, December 07, 2006
Carly turned one today, so after a quick stop at Burgerville for dinner (hey, at least their beef is locally grown), we headed over there during rush-hour for her party. It was a lot of fun, and I was able to see a lot of Landon's musical friends that I haven't seen in a few years. Carly was a happy girl & loved eating her cake! I'm already starting to think about Samuel's 2nd party, and it seems like just yesterday we were doing his one-year party. Time does go by quickly, and I do feel like I make a conscious effort to enjoy each day. --Karli

ADHD in Motherhood

Wednesday, December 06, 2006
My physical therapist tried to diagnose me with ADHD today based on a statement I made to her about struggling with concentration at the end of the day when I'm reading. She told me she's studying clinical psychology right now, and apparently, this gives her the liberty to start misdiagnosing her PT patients. I've never had any tendencies towards ADHD, but I guess I can appreciate this person's concern. She handed me a brochure with the name of a friend of hers that specializes in ADHD. The only attention deficit I have is related to being the mother of a 22 month old, that constantly requires attention & diverts me in a million and one directions on a daily basis. I would bet money that this PT does not have children. In motherhood, it is a requirement & a skill to be able to divert your attention while maintaining the ability to return to what you were previously doing. Just now, I had to jump up from the computer to catch the mashed apple Samuel decided to cough up just now. Motherhood definitely makes me feel ADHD, but it doesn't MAKE me ADHD. And, as for the brochure--it currently lies at the bottom of my recycling bin.



Tuesday, December 05, 2006
I met Andrea & Ian this morning for coffee, and it was fun to not only meet Ian, who was born on Valentine's Day (4 days from Samuel's birthday), but to catch up with Andrea! We went to PBC together. I know her husband Jeremy pretty well from PBC, and I'm only recently getting to know Andrea. I really like her a lot, and can appreciate her philosophies on medical care & nutrition. She's doing a great job with Ian, and I can't wait to meet their new little one in the spring! --Karli

P.S. I got Samuel a monkey at Wild Oats on this outing, and he's been carrying it around ever since, making the sound "ooo, ooo" like a monkey. This is his first stuffed animal that he seems to be attached to. He even wanted to sleep with it! It has velcro on its hands, and he likes me to pin it around his neck, and he walks around like that.


Monday, December 04, 2006
Another typical Monday...9am coffee shop, 10am play gym, 11am home, lunch, nap, laundry, dishes, snack, shall I go on? Loved the escrow bill we got today--just in time for Christmas, how sweet...

Decoration Day

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas Tree 2006
Non-stop all day this girl was. It's with a sore back & tired feet that I sit here to type this. First thing this morning, Mike & Susan dropped off the last two boxes of china. Then, we were off to Fred Meyer for cold medicine, Starbucks, then A-Boy to pick up our Christmas tree. The tree lot wasn't opened yet, so we skirted on over to the east side to check out a lot that was advertising organic trees for $15.00. Well, that lot was sketch, and by then Landon was getting cranky & wasn't feeling well, so I took him home, and Samuel & I headed to A-boy to get the Christmas tree. Boy, was Samuel excited. They tied it to the roof, and when we got home, Samuel couldn't wait to get out of the car & get the tree down. I can't help but wonder what he thought when we actually carried the tree into the house. He was squealing & running & bouncing off the walls with excitement. Then came the crash & the toddler melt-down. So, nap-time it was. I used that time to get the tree decorated. I made at least two trips to A-boy & another trip to Fred Meyer to get the ice & rice lights I needed. Hey, that rhymed. Everything is now beautifully decorated. Gay gave me Christmas bulbs that her mother made by hand in the 60's last year, and I was excited to put those on the tree. They are really beautiful bulbs! So beautiful, in fact, that they grace the high branches. I don't take chances with breakables with an almost two-year old! Then I got to unpacking the china. It's a beautiful set--I am really excited to have them! Landon isn't really excited at all & says I can't expect him to get excited about dishes. He didn't get excited about much of anything today, because he has a cold. Guys are such babies when they are sick. . . and that's all I'm gonna say. He didn't help decorate or unpack anything...most of the day he read & nursed his cold...but he did carry in the tree--I'll give him that much. I hope your cold gets better soon, Landon--really, I do!

Well, the dishes have been put away, the house is toasty warm & festive for the holidays. I'm sipping on some egg nog & Meyer's rum. Happy December everyone!

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Working Mom

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Okay, the working Mom doesn't necessarily ALWAYS mean a Mom with a paying job. I worked my buns off (I hope) today. Landon took off in the morning for his parents' house to build a work-bench with his Dad for our basement. I spent the morning cleaning the house, tending to Samuel, making him something to eat, talking him through his tantrum, got him down for a nap an hour & a half early, woke him up two hours later, worked around an even bigger tantrum than the one he had thrown earlier by getting his hair spritzed, gelled & combed, his Christmas sweater donned, and out the door were we--it's picture day! This boy of mine cold or not, tantrum or not, running late or not was getting his Christmas pictures taken if I had anything to do with it! I dropped Samuel off for his photo shoot while I watched a movie called The Science of Sleep. I was 20 minutes late. The deal was the photographer worked alongside the child-care provider & took portraits & candids. This theater is really cool--you can drop your child off for $5.00 while you watch a movie, and the child-care provider is wonderful. I'd recommend it to anyone, and I have pretty high standards. The photographer had one of the playrooms devoted to her work, and apparently, Samuel was quite the photogenic little guy. She's going to photoshop out a bruise he has on his forehead from a run-in with a wall & if there is any mucus around his nose (he is getting over a cold), she's going to erase that as well. So, I'm hoping to end up with some nice photos from all of this. After leaving, Samuel & I stopped in at a coffee shop across the street for some quiche & a pick-me-up for tired me. Then, we stopped over at Mike & Susan's so Samuel could get his new bike (early Christmas present), and I could see what Landon & Mike had been up to all day. I sounded horrible--my cold/cough is pretty bad. I don't think I've had one this bad for at least a couple of years. Anyway, we sat around & heard all about Susan's trip to the Bay area that we missed out on this year & I sipped on some egg nog & rum.

Leaving, we took two of the four boxes of china that are being given to us from Landon's Grandma Rachel. It is a full set from Czechoslovakia that were given to Rachel in exchange for cigarettes during the war. They are beautiful--33 dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowels, serving platters & bowls, dessert plates, tea cups & saucers, mini-espresso cups & saucers, and more. They've been in the family for many years, and no one else seemed to want them. Rachel can't keep them because she's in a retirement facility. I'm thrilled to have them & I plan on taking really good care of them & keeping them around for years to come. Fortunately, they all fit in a deep cupboard in our kitchen, so I can forgo the need for a buffet or hutch for a few years. I don't even know where we'd put one anyway, so at least they are in a safe place for the time being. I got the two boxes unpacked that we brought home tonight, and Mike & Susan are bringing the other two boxes over in the morning on their way to meet a friend for a hike at a state park in our neighborhood.

So...long day here in the life of a working Mom, and no, I'm not getting paid--but it's still work--hard work--nonetheless.

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Do What You Can Do

Friday, December 01, 2006

I can't breathe at all through my nose, which makes me feel panicy. I'm breaking out once again with poison oak, because I took a chance & pulled what I thought was a 3" lookalike from my garden, and now I know for sure that it was indeed the real stuff--probably coming back from the big poison oak plants I dug out early in the summer when we moved in. That's when I really broke out, and yes, that was awful. This time, I have the prescription cream handy, so I'm hoping it fades into oblivion real fast. The poison oak coupled with this cold from hell has me in a bad mood. I didn't do anything today other than watch lots of Grey's Anatomy & take care of Samuel. When that's ALL I do, the house is a disaster. It takes a lot of extra work to keep the house in order each day. When Landon came home, he did a lot of nothing as well, because he's coming down with the same cold. He said, "Karli, I like that we're not doing anything tonight." Whew, at least I'm not married to someone that gives me a guilt trip about dirty dishes & an uncooked dinner. I do the best I can, but some days, you can only do what you can do. Posted by Picasa
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