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Friday, November 24, 2006
I woke up this morning feeling oddly motivated to head downtown for Black Friday. Landon decided to go with me, so we all packed into the car, since it was pouring rain, and headed downtown only to find the streets blocked off for a parade, and the Smart Park garages inaccessible. Landon was fed up with fighting traffic, so wanted to go home. Once we were home, I was a little irritated that my shopping trip had been cut short, so Landon suggested we all bus downtown. That worked out great, because Samuel had a great time & was so excited to ride on the bus. He insisted on riding in his own seat. He even said "bye-bye" to the bus driver--all on his own, too! The first place we stopped in at was JJill, and they were doing three drawings throughout the day for $100.00 gift cards, so I filled out a card, because you can't win if you don't play, and we continued on our shopping trip. We didn't find any real bargains, but we did pick up a few things, then headed home for Samuel's nap. Later in the evening, we decided to head back downtown for some exterior paint & a sushi dinner. After picking up the paint, I pulled over downtown so Landon could go check & see if the sushi place was still there. We were skeptical, because their phone number was disconnected. While Landon ran up the street to check, I noticed I had a voicemail--it was JJill calling to tell me that I'd won the $100.00 drawing! I was so excited! Landon didn't find the sushi restaurant, but he did find a Mediterranean restaurant called "Hush! Hush!" We ate there, and it was the BEST Medeterranean food I've ever had. The owner was super nice, and his son smiled & made Samuel laugh. We later found out that the sushi place we were looking for had previously been located where Hush! Hush! is. Weird coincidence! Afterward, the three of us walked to pick up my JJill gift card & then walked to Pioneer Square to enjoy the newly lit Christmas tree & peppermint chocolate milk courtesy of Starbucks (they had a booth set up & were handing out hot tasty beverages for free!). Tonight was a super fun family night, and made staying home this Thanksgiving worth the while. --Karli


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