Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Have you had luck growing Rudbeckia from seed? If so, send me your tips! I hope to have tall bunches of this in my garden next spring.

Today was a slow day around here. Landon took the day off, and with Samuel being under the weather with a flu virus, we stayed home most of the day. I left at one point to get some groceries & liquor for tomorrow's Thanksgiving dinner down in McMinnville, but other than that, stayed around the house. Oh, I did pick up my A & P textbook--$235.00! Everything I learn in that class will be the foundation for a career in nursing, but you still have to cringe at current textbook prices!

I'm looking forward to spring already, but we have so long to go until the crocuses start to emerge in late February. For now, I'll be slightly appeased by photos like the one above. Nothing like a bright & vibrant bunch of Rudbeckia to cheer the overcast heart. --Karli Posted by Picasa


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