A Much Needed Change

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I couldn't have been happier with the election outcome this year. I never expected the Democrats to do this well. America voted for a change--now it's up to the Democrats to come up with a plan & make some positive changes.

I was pleased to see Nancy Pelosi voted in as Speaker. After the corruption we've seen, I look forward to seeing what Congress & the Senate can get accomplished with new people & a different party representing. First woman Speaker--it's about time! Look forward to seeing the minimum wage raised as well as interest rates on student loans lowered. I believe Pelosi will work in a bi-partisan way to find middle ground & hopefully make some headway on issues that have long been neglected. I also hope they will start reigning in the budget.

Don Rumsfeld--wish he would have gone long ago--I've never liked him, and think he's done an awful job, so I'm glad to see him go. I don't know much about Bob Gates, but anyone is bound to do better than Rumsfeld. I'm not sure why Bush felt the need to lie to reporters last week about Rumsfeld, saying he would be staying on. If he had disclosed last week that this change was in the works, the Democrats may not have fared so well in the election. The polls are saying that 29% of evangelicals voted Democratic this election. Many Republicans voted Democratic, because they felt that "stay the course" was no longer working. Had Bush disclosed the Rumsfled resignation last week, the elections may have gone differently. Still not sure why he waited until the day after the election to make the announcement.

I want to see troops come home NOW. We can't win the war there. I'm hoping with the Democrats in charge that we might start seeing progress with an exit strategy. With 3K troops dead, 20K wounded, and 10K of those 20K seriously wounded, more damage is being done than good. The Iraqis that wanted our help have either been killed at this point or have fled. The hornets nest that is Iraq at the moment needs to figure this out on their own. Our troops are in the way of a civil conflict, and are getting killed at an increasing rate. Time to support our troops by getting them the hell out of there. I've seen Saving Private Ryan, and I see our 150K troops over there as Private Ryans that need saving immediately. Unfortunately, this isn't a war we can win.

Someone said yesterday that if nothing else comes from the Democrats coming into power other than Rumsfeld being outed, then we've already accomplished a lot. I'm hoping Rumsfeld is only the beginning--now we need to start chipping away at the budget, social, & economic issues & work to start bringing our brave troops home.

As for local & state measures--the measures I voted for were passed, and those I voted against were defeated. Everything went my way this election. I read my voter's pamphlet, did research online, and read printed articles in the local & state newspapers. I was an educated voter this election season--even went down to the campaign offices & got signs for our yard to show our support.

America swung to the other side of the pendulam this election. The 04 election was depressing to me. America was slow to wake up, but they definitely got the message across this election season and that message is they are fed up with the way things are going, "stay the course" is not an acceptable strategy anymore, and America is looking for a much needed change in the way our government is running things. I only hope the Democrats can show America that they made the right choice.

In the meantime, it sure feels good to be fairly represented this time around. We'll see what happens in 2008. I sure hope Hilary isn't the Democratic candidate, because she'll never win. Even though it would be terrific to have a woman President in this day & age, I don't think she's the right candidate. Barack Obama (rhymes with Iraq Osama) seems like he has great potential, but I think if he's runs for 08, he's running prematurely. He's just starting out as a Senator, and I think he needs more experience before taking on a Presidential campaign. I don't feel confident that he would win the majority. Kerry won't have a chance again, because everyone will rehash all the issues that were dredged up during the 04 campaign, and don't forget that botched joke. Howard Dean would be an excellent Democratic candidate, but he got too excited during that one speech & America didn't like his high inflections, so for some reason, he was written off. I still think he'd make a great President. Republican candidates--McCain? I don't like him so much either--I feel like he's representing more of the same. We need a big change. I'm waiting for that special candidate to step forward. I wonder who it will be. We need another JFK. --Karli Posted by Picasa


Landon Kuhn said...

Great post, Karli. -Landon

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