Movie Night

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mike & Susan invited us to a theater nearby them that has been completely remodeled. They offer babysitting as a service to parents for only $5.00. I was skeptical of what the babysitting facility would be like, but once I arrived & met the babysitter and saw the room, I was completely at ease. Samuel had a wonderful time. I checked on him once during the movie, and he was happily coloring with the teacher 100% interacting with him. When we arrived after the movie (The Illusionist), he was dancing with musical instruments. The teacher was dancing, too. She is a total free spirit, and kids love that. Landon and I would like to start going there about twice a month. It will be a great little night out for our whole family. We can enjoy the movie, and Samuel has a great time, too. Also, they serve pizza & alcohol! It's a great little theater. E-mail me for details on the theater if you are interested. --Karli Posted by Picasa


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