Happy 5th Birthday, Kaenan!

Saturday, November 04, 2006
It rained all day today! We did some chores in the morning, then after Samuel's nap, we left to drive down to McMinnville for Kaenan's 5th birthday. We all met at the McMinnville Pizza Co., and Kaenan got lots of nice birthday gifts! Samuel had fun watching him open his presents. I have a feeling Christmas is going to be fun for Samuel this year! I'm starting to look forward to getting a tree. I'm hoping we can start a family tradition & maybe go to a u-cut farm or something.

Oh, and btw, the drive down to McMinnville was scary! The rain was coming down in torrents--literally! Visibility was low, and we could only travel safely at about 45 mph or less. It took us a lot longer to get down there, but traffic wasn't nearly so bad on the way home, and we made better time coming back. I was so glad to get home safely! I don't recall ever seeing rain like this here in the NW except for maybe 15 minutes in duration. This storm has lasted for hours!



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