Gutters and Drains

Sunday, November 05, 2006
Today it rained all day as hard as it did last night. Lots of rain. We were down in our basement doing some organizing, and then I decided there were some places along our gutters that I should try to clear due to the falling leaves, so Landon, Samuel, & I went outside in the pouring rain & Landon & I took turns getting up on the ladder and clearing the gutters. We ended up pulling down the leaf guards, because they seemed to be more of a pain than they were doing any good. Many of them had caved in, and I was having to pull them off to get debris out from beneath them, then had trouble getting them back on as our gutters are bent in places. After a struggle with them, we finally decided to chuck them, & have our gutters cleaned twice a year.

Later that night, I went downstairs to do some laundry, and to my horror, saw a puddle of water on the floor, which was coming from water seeping in from a crack in the foundation. We went outside, and found the downspout which connects to cast iron pipes that drain to the street clogged with leaves & debris, so water was pouring up against the foundation at a steady rate. By putting my hand down there, I was able to pull out some of the debris, but then Landon got the hose & shoved it down there, and the plug finally gave way & water started flowing freely--whew! Almost right away, the water stopped flowing so steadily into the basement, and luckily, the water was coming into the basement almost right where a drain is in the floor, so we didn't have any damage to anything down there, and the water was able to drain out of there quickly.

Our inspector had suggested we have a drain put around the house to keep water off the foundation, so that the cracks we have in our foundation do not worsen with time. We realized after tonight that we are going to have to do that ASAP. --Karli

P.S. When we came inside from the gutter cleaning in the afternoon & the 10pm blocked gutter problem, we were all three soaking wet! Coats, socks, shoes, & clothes came off in the basement & went straight into the wash!


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