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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hey, so this picture was taken a few years ago in case you can't tell! Would love to be 25 again, but now that I'm going to be 30 in a few weeks, it isn't looking as bad as I once thought it would. Lift that glass of Merlot--here's to aging!

Today was a good day for me--Samuel & I spent most of the day outdoors. Raked up lots of leaves, planted many bulbs that we will enjoy in the spring, and ran some errands like mailing a book to a moocher of mine from Bookmooch, and stopping off at Kaady Car Wash to vacuum up many unidentifiable crumbs and particles that were beginning to give off unidentifiable smells, hence the emergency vacuum errand. Good luck on denying your child food in the car! My Dad always said, "You don't eat in cars." Well, that never worked for me, and this is why I will most likely never buy a brand new vehicle. In fact, today I was reminded of why used vehicles will be my vehicle of choice until I hit that midlife crisis where you buy a sports car to make you feel youthful again. The reminder for me came when Samuel, in a fit of frustration, took his Horizon milk-carton & squeezed it deep into his clenched fists at which point milk shot up in a continuous fountain up into the air and all over his car seat and all over the car. Do I want to cry some days? I do...but mostly, I laugh.
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