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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Kelly Ripa has really taken this Clay Aiken thing too far. He's new to stardom. She's being just a tad too bitchy for my taste.

Michael Richards...what were you thinking? I'm horrified & deeply disturbed by his behavior at the Laugh Factory over the weekend. He says he's not a racist, but how does hatred & racism come from his mouth in a moment of anger if those thoughts were not already in existence in his mind? It always amazes me that in one moment a person can undo a lifetime of work at building a good reputation. His reputation is ruined. His career, too. Shame on you, Michael Richards! In this day and age, your behavior is inexcusable, unacceptable, and completely shameful.

Oprah wasn't invited to TomKat's wedding? People will have their wedding photos in this week's issue.

Okay, Samuel's been sick today--now I'm off to watch the AMA.

BTW, I got into the section & campus I wanted for winter term! Anyone who has any really helpful strategies for studing A & P, comment away!
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