Monday, October 02, 2006
I know this is going to sound odd, but I found the best cemetery ever nearby our house called River View Cemetery. This is the most beautiful cemetery I have ever been to. It's not only less than two minutes from our house, but the oldest not-for-profit cemetery in Portland. Many names that mark city streets are buried in this cemetery, including William L. Ladd, Henry Failing, Henry Corbett, Henry Pittock, Harvey W. Scott, Simon Benson, Henry Wienhard, Abigail Scott Duniway, Albertina Kerr and later such people of distinction as Virgil Earp, Lola Baldwin, Dorothy McCullough Lee, Lyle Alzado, Al Rivers III and Pearl Loy Wong.

Since I have not written a will yet, I decided to post my wishes here. I want a ground burial & wish to be buried at River View Cemetery. A simple & affordable casket will do. I plan to start paying on a plot sometime during my thirties so Samuel never has to worry about it someday. The average cost of a funeral, including casket & burial fees was over 5K in 2005. Hopefully, the day I die will be many decades from now, but at least my wishes are written here on this blog wall in etherspace in case I die before my will is written! Also, I am a registered organ donor. I do wish that all my organs (including my skin) be donated to help others that need them.


PS. Happy 23rd Birthday, Janssen!


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