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Sunday, October 22, 2006

This morning, Mike & Susan came over w/ Sam, and we left to ride the streetcar downtown & show Sam around Portland a bit. The streetcar is free this weekend to celebrate the opening of the extension to Gibbs/Moody. We parked down off Moody & rode the streetcar all the way to NW 23rd, where we got off & walked around, stopping off at Starbucks for coffee. Landon even treated himself to a decaf grande one-shot soy extra-hot pumpkin spice latte. He hasn't tried decaf in months. We took this picture in front of the Coffee People just across the street from Starbucks on 23rd. Landon propped it up on the garbage can on the corner & put it on timer so we could all be in the picture. After sitting on this bench for about ten minutes, we walked back to the streetcar & rode it to 10th & Morrison, where we stopped off for lunch (treated by Sam) at The Pita Pit. By then, it was already 1pm, so we are now home for nap-time. Landon's off on a bike ride, and Samuel is asleep. Tonight, we're having dinner over at Mike & Susan's, then Sam leaves to head back home to the Bay area tomorrow. Mike is taking the day off work, so Samuel & I might meet them in the morning before Sam has to go to the airport. Sam is 86 now, and it's pretty amazing that Samuel's great-grandpa (and namesake) is still around to do fun things with us like we did today! --Karli

P.S. Samuel took a bad fall off the curb at the streetcar station, and hit his head on the tracks. He has two large bumps on the back of his head, and I've been really worried about them, but he seems to be acting normally. I don't think he's ever had a fall quite so bad as that one. --KK Posted by Picasa


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