Rainy Day

Sunday, October 08, 2006
This upcoming week is going to be beautiful, but today was overcast, cold, and rainy. We spent the morning running a few errands downtown (Borders, Camera World, Trader Joe's in NW). Afterwards, we drove to New Seasons for another delicious stir-fry lunch, then headed home for Samuel's naptime. He actually didn't take a nap yesterday with the busyness of the funeral, reception, and picking Landon up at the airport. He slept for 4 hours! I watched 3 hours of Desperate Housewives, then read Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt for awhile--what an EXCELLENT book! I can't put it down! It's for November's book-club, and he's actually coming to Portland to speak, so I may attend his talk, but I'm not sure yet. It was a relaxing afternoon, and the rain outside only made me want to curl up on the futon & read. Landon played with Samuel for a couple of hours in the evening. We both had hot soup for dinner.

Then I had the surprise of my life!

At 9:30pm, Landon announced to me that he was running to Fred Meyer--not for toilet paper or shaving cream, not even for alcohol or snack food. He was making an emergency run to Fred Meyer for Green & Black's organic ginger dark chocolate. Now ladies, isn't this a man after any woman's heart?



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