Milagros (Spanish for Miracle)

Friday, October 06, 2006
This morning I met April, Olin, Cassie, & Brooke at Milagros Boutique. They have a wonderful play-room that adjoins their boutique called "The Family Room." For $1.50, you get a scone & a cup of drip coffee. There are lots of areas in the room for the kids to play, couches, tables, & chairs for the adults, and lots of flyers & newsletters about what's happening in the community to read. I love this little boutique, and if I ever opened one of my own someday, I'd probably model it after this one. They support community, and their family room enables that, creating a place for playgroups to meet, presentations on breastfeeding, demonstrations on cloth diapering, educational q & a discussions on starting a business, and more! The owners live in the neighborhood, so their business directly improves the neighborhood in which they live! What's more, they carry used & new clothing, toys, and other baby-related items (including books) in their store, so there is something for every price range! :) I LOVE their "C is for Che" and "P is for Pirate" t-shirts! I would encourage anyone to make an effort to support locally-owned baby boutiques before making a trip to Babies R'Us. Fight corporate control & keep money in our own communities!

Still missing Landon!



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