Friday the 13th

Friday, October 13, 2006

Tonight I went to a party at my friend Katie's house. I actually had tickets to see Storm tonight, but opted to sell them for double of what I paid on craigslist so I could attend Katie's party. Before I left, I stopped at the park, where Samuel was playing with Landon. I also stopped off at Red Light on Hawthorne on my way to the party to shop around for a Halloween costume. They have such a great selection there--everything from goth to 1970's Disco to uniforms to character costumes. They have all the accessories & wigs you can imagine, too. I ended up picking out a costume from the 1960's hippy, MOD, & flower power section. I got a tie-died skirt & a t-shirt with hanging tassles & a picture of a Native American woman on the front. The guy who checked me out said, "Whoa, this shirt is intense." Now I need to work on finding Landon & Samuel a costume, and still need to find a head-band, bracelets, & beaded necklaces. We're attending a costume party at the end of the month through my playgroup. Should be lots of fun! --Karli


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