Bee Balm

Monday, October 09, 2006
Samuel went to the indoor play-park this morning, then after his afternoon nap, we ran up to A-boy to get some potting soil & garden mulch. I repotted the salix (willow) shrub Matty & Jody gave to me earlier this summer, and also picked up some Mondarda didyma 'Jacob Cline' (Bee Balm) for my streetside garden. These plants need consistent moisture, so the dry slopes wouldn't have been the right spot for them. It was windy & a warm 70 degrees or so. The leaves fell all day & blew down the street when we had a gust of wind. Samuel would laugh when the leaves went blowing down the street. Now Samuel & Landon are at the park, and I've just come in from spending the past few hours outdoors. Tonight, Landon is going to try out Tuesday night volleyball at the nearby community center! He had a lot of fun playing volleyball down in San Diego, so maybe this will make for a pleasant recreational indoor sport over the fall & winter months!


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