45th Avenue Twice

Tuesday, October 10, 2006
I drove down 45th Avenue twice today. Once to take Samuel to his Balls! Balls! Bonanza! class at the community center, and the second time to retrieve my Starbuck's coffee mug that I accidently left on the bleachers. This is the same mug that my Dad used for awhile when I left it in McMinnville, and he liked it, so I bought him one for his 61st birthday. My Mom had returned it to me, and this was the first time I had tried to use it. In my attempt to save money by bringing coffee with me instead of buying it out, I ended up spending more money burning up gas driving back to retrieve it. But, when I found it on the bleachers where I left it, my first thought was, "See Karli, it was worth it--you have your $20.00 mug back, and the coffee is still warm." On my way out of the community center, Samuel threw a tantrum because we walked right by the train table in the lobby, and this time I didn't let him stop to play for five minutes. Struggling to carry him & the mug back out to the car, I somehow managed, even though I only have two arms. With Samuel still screaming, I set the mug on the top of my trunk so I could get him in his carseat. Once he was pacified, I jumped behind the wheel so I could go fill Landon's prescription then get home! Just as I hit the gas while in reverse, I saw the mug perched on top of my trunk in my rear-view mirror. As soon as I hit the brakes, even though I tried to do so as gently as possible, the mug toppled over & disappeared from my view. I put the car into park, jumped out to retrieve the mug, and saw it had cracked in two. All that effort and it broke anyway. --Karli


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