Two Babies

Friday, September 15, 2006

I babysat Carly again today, pictured above. She's a really good baby--very laid back & happy. This is my third time watching her, and Samuel has done better with his jealousy each time. I've also adjusted to watching two, and become even better at multi-tasking.

When Bronnie came to pick her up, she decided to go out to dinner with us. We went to the Corbett Fish House (we had been once before with my parents), and we walked down the hill. She used my Ergo (the best soft carrier on the market), and Samuel rode in the stroller. We at oustide, and all enjoyed our food quite a lot. It was a fun evening, and we got very lucky with the rain--although the black clouds were looming & there were sprinkles coming down, we didn't get rained on!!



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