September Bike Ride

Saturday, September 16, 2006
We rode to Alberta St. today for the fair & parade. The parade was so short that I missed it when I was inside Fuel Cafe ordering bagels, fruit, and juice for us. There was a horse-drawn buggy, and Samuel was excited to see the horses. It was a nice ride home. We rode with our new Raceface packs (90.00 packs, that we got for 15.00 each thanks to Cindy's boyfriend Josh, who works at The Bike Gallery!), and they worked great! Landon drank about all 100 ounces of water, and I drank about half. I felt better today on the bike than I ever have, and I think it was due to the constant hydration. We just about got poured on a couple of times, but we were lucky, and the storm always seemed just out of our area. Only a few sprinkles...fall is definitely here. We're doing the Peach of a Century ride next Sunday (the 62 mile option). I'm a little nervous, but excited to do another 60 mile ride. We're coming well prepared this time, and this ride is well-supported, so what happened to me on the Portland Century will not happen again! We're also getting a babysitter for Samuel, although not sure who yet! Wish us luck! --Karli


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