Sunday, September 17, 2006

I went and checked out Le Tour de Plants today, which means I got a bracelet for 2.00 that ensures me discounts at certain nurseries & gives me the opportunity to go to classes all week through the 24th. I got a good deal on two different varities of euphorbia, some more lemon thyme, and some ground-covers. I also got some horsetails, which I've been wanting for awhile to grow in a pot, but didn't know nurseries carried them, as I thought they were ruled as an invasive species. Well, apparently, they do sometimes carry them, and they haven't been outed yet. So, I found a nice pot, and I'm sure they'll live a happy life there. I will try to take some pictures tomorrow of a new garden art feature I put together this weekend as well. Stay tuned...

Later this evening, we went for a hike at Tryon Park as a family. Samuel is quite the little hiker. He's really into sticks right now, so kept stopping along the way to upgrade to a better stick. --Karli


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