Fun Evening

Friday, September 29, 2006
Landon came home early from work today, and shortly after, he left with Samuel for a Father/Son outing. He rode his bike pulling Samuel in the Burley down to the waterfront where they had pizza & fun at the Salmon St. fountain. I used this free time to go down to Nordstrom Rack for some much-needed clothes shopping. I also stopped off at Aveda for more hair products. Came home, showered, put on a new shirt, blow-dried my hair, and left the house feeling less like a stay-at-home mom and more like a prettier version of that role. I met Sharla, whom I haven't seen all summer, for happy hour at a cool little place called Night Light in the Clinton St. neighborhood. We stayed for about four hours! It was a lot of fun, and the sangrias I ordered were delicious!



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