Code Yellow

Thursday, September 21, 2006
If you've never experienced a code yellow before, it's a system of finding your child when you lose them in a store. I was in Target yesterday, and took Samuel out of the cart to fit him for shoes. He took off, and by the time I rounded the aisle he disappeared into, he was gone. I looked for a few minutes before my anxiety and panic got the better of me & I asked a Target employee for help. She instantly called code yellow on her walkie-talkie, and another employee ushered me to the front doors of the store to make sure no one left the store with him. About two minutes later, an employee walks to the front of the store with Samuel, who was holding her hand. He had a store toy in the other hand. It was an interesting experience, and I was glad to find out that Target had an efficient system in place to locate children who disappear within their store. --Karli


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