Beautiful Fall Day

Saturday, September 30, 2006
Today we rode our bikes up to Council Crest, then down the other side of the mountain to explore the Portland Heights neighborhood. The weather was cool, but sunny, and the leaves were falling continually. We ended up down at PSU (where there are lots of trees & lots of leaves--Samuel had a blast!), where we stopped off at Farmer's Market. I got about $15.00 worth of produce. I love Farmer's Market! We decided we need to be spending our money there instead of at the grocery store--at least for meat, pasta, & produce! On the way home, we rode through the S Waterfront area & were excited to see the city has transported the plaque of the first cabin which used to be beneath the Ross Island Bridge to the park area, and there is another art feature there as well. The tracks are making progress for the street car, and they even have a stop in place just south of the OHSU building. I'm wondering what will happen with all the warehouses located just west of all the development. If this is truly going to be the Waterfront Pearl, then I expect if they can be purchased, that they will be converted to retail or condos. I'm so excited that this huge new neighborhood will be located just a mile from where we live! Also, if the street car ends up going through Willamette Park, we'll be about 1/4 mile from the street car, which would take us to that neighborhood & to downtown. I love where we live!



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