27 Years

Monday, September 04, 2006
I started off with making breakfast burritos & orange juice for Landon's birthday, then made a carrot cake for later. Then, we hopped on our bikes & headed down to the Pearl for Art in the Pearl & Jamison Sq. Samuel had a lot of fun in the water, but then had a total melt-down as he was pushing his morning nap. We ended up heading home & only briefly hit the festival. It wasn't baby-friendly as there were lots of glass on display and we did not have a stroller with us. Samuel was screaming by that point because he was so tired. We no sooner put him back in the Burley and he was asleep. We rode home, and I frosted the cake. Landon's parents were coming over for cake at 3pm, and it was already 2:30. I gave Landon his big present, which was a framed print of Jody's (http://www.jodykat.com/) called Tune II. Landon loved it! It looks great in our living room. Mike & Susan came over for awhile. Earlier in the day, I had also given Landon a pound of tea leaves, a tea ring, and a travel mug from Peet's, since he can no longer drink coffee. It will be nice for him to have that at work. In the evening, Brongaene came over to watch Samuel, and Landon and I went to Bridgeport for dinner. It was delicious, and the beer was great, but we were both so tired from a long day & weekend that after a short walk after dinner, we headed home. We were only gone for an hour & a half. Happy 27th Birthday, Landon! -Karli


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