Beautiful Fall Day

Saturday, September 30, 2006
Today we rode our bikes up to Council Crest, then down the other side of the mountain to explore the Portland Heights neighborhood. The weather was cool, but sunny, and the leaves were falling continually. We ended up down at PSU (where there are lots of trees & lots of leaves--Samuel had a blast!), where we stopped off at Farmer's Market. I got about $15.00 worth of produce. I love Farmer's Market! We decided we need to be spending our money there instead of at the grocery store--at least for meat, pasta, & produce! On the way home, we rode through the S Waterfront area & were excited to see the city has transported the plaque of the first cabin which used to be beneath the Ross Island Bridge to the park area, and there is another art feature there as well. The tracks are making progress for the street car, and they even have a stop in place just south of the OHSU building. I'm wondering what will happen with all the warehouses located just west of all the development. If this is truly going to be the Waterfront Pearl, then I expect if they can be purchased, that they will be converted to retail or condos. I'm so excited that this huge new neighborhood will be located just a mile from where we live! Also, if the street car ends up going through Willamette Park, we'll be about 1/4 mile from the street car, which would take us to that neighborhood & to downtown. I love where we live!


Fun Evening

Friday, September 29, 2006
Landon came home early from work today, and shortly after, he left with Samuel for a Father/Son outing. He rode his bike pulling Samuel in the Burley down to the waterfront where they had pizza & fun at the Salmon St. fountain. I used this free time to go down to Nordstrom Rack for some much-needed clothes shopping. I also stopped off at Aveda for more hair products. Came home, showered, put on a new shirt, blow-dried my hair, and left the house feeling less like a stay-at-home mom and more like a prettier version of that role. I met Sharla, whom I haven't seen all summer, for happy hour at a cool little place called Night Light in the Clinton St. neighborhood. We stayed for about four hours! It was a lot of fun, and the sangrias I ordered were delicious!


Dental Appointments

Thursday, September 28, 2006
This morning, I went to the dentist. I am annoyed that my life is broken up into 6 month segments. Every time my biannual cleaning rolls around, I think--wasn't I just there last month? My dental appointments cause me to realize how quickly life is rolling by, and how MUCH of my life has been spent in a dental office. I should also mention that I really dislike going to the dentist. As my Mom would say, "That's Life." In other words, I need to deal!


Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Yet another great Wednesday morning for both Samuel & I. He loves going to the PTO class, and I'm able to get so much done!


No Plans

Tuesday, September 26, 2006
I don't know what Samuel and I are going to do today. It's going to be 86 degrees, so staying indoors all day doesn't sound like fun. I'm thinking about going for a morning walk with him, or maybe doing some yardwork. I raked up leaves yesterday & put them in our yard debris bin. There's always housework & laundry. Then there's preparation for dinner. I really only have time to do something planned this morning, then Samuel takes a nap, then it's time to get ready for dinner, and then the day is already over.

My bee sting still iches & has a large portion of my arm that is red & slightly inflamed. Bee stings are no fun.



Monday, September 25, 2006
I take Samuel to the indoor play-park on Monday mornings, and today Allie & Ava met us there. Samuel & Ava played for an hour indoors, then an hour outdoors on the playground. Samuel sat off by himself most of the time when we were outside on the green space. He was in the mood to be alone, I guess. I think it was the dirt that intrigued him, actually. Boys & dirt--what can I say?

What I can say is where did September go?

Peach of a Century

Sunday, September 24, 2006
Today we did our first metric century! Click here to read about cycling & health. It was actually a metric (62 miles) + 4 miles due to a detour, with a total of 66 miles. The ride was great! Flat terrain, open, rural fields, lots of oak trees, little to no road traffic, and the weather was gorgeous! It was so quiet out there! We didn't travel as fast as I would have liked, and I'm hoping to improve my mph by our next ride. Improved fitness + better road bike will probably make the difference. Our hybrids aren't ideal for more than 30 miles. I have some research to do before I'll know which bike will be best suited for our cycling activities. For now, I'm excited that we both performed so well on our first metric century, and I am looking forward to many more in the future! This is a well-organized ride through the Salem Bike Club, and one I hope to do on an annual basis. Peach pie is served at the finish line! --Karli
P.S. One bummer is that I got stung by a yellow jacket in the port-pottie at the finish line. That yellow jacket is now dead. No insect stings me & gets away with it alive!


Saturday, September 23, 2006
We spent all day today preparing for our metric century tomorrow. Laundry had to be done, supplies & tools had to be purchased for the ride, food had to be prepared ahead of time for Samuel & for our ride, and my bike needed to be callobrated. By the end of the day, we were ready. We made sure spend the day hydrating ourselves, which meant no evening beer or wine. I think we're ready!

Starbucks raises prices of coffee drinks

Friday, September 22, 2006
Starbucks News Story
Looks like I'll be paying a little extra for my lattes--or, make a bigger effort to support independently owned coffee shops. --Karli

Code Yellow

Thursday, September 21, 2006
If you've never experienced a code yellow before, it's a system of finding your child when you lose them in a store. I was in Target yesterday, and took Samuel out of the cart to fit him for shoes. He took off, and by the time I rounded the aisle he disappeared into, he was gone. I looked for a few minutes before my anxiety and panic got the better of me & I asked a Target employee for help. She instantly called code yellow on her walkie-talkie, and another employee ushered me to the front doors of the store to make sure no one left the store with him. About two minutes later, an employee walks to the front of the store with Samuel, who was holding her hand. He had a store toy in the other hand. It was an interesting experience, and I was glad to find out that Target had an efficient system in place to locate children who disappear within their store. --Karli


Wednesday, September 20, 2006
PTO from being a stay-at-home mom means the Parent's Time Off class offered through our local community center. For two hours, I can do anything I want. Samuel loves the class & it's been good for him to be around other kids for a couple of hours. His "teachers" are great, and he seems to be enjoying "school" so far. I know I am!
Class Schedule

Peach Ride

Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Lots of showers and sun breaks today. Mike & Susan are going to watch Samuel on Sunday when we do our 62-mile bike ride. I'm looking forward to it. Weather forecast shows cloudy & 75, so it will be 20 degrees cooler than it was when we did 50 miles in the Portland Century, and we won't be pulling the Burley! We have our 2 liter hydration packs, tool kit, snacks, tubes, air pump, and cycle wear. It will be a great ride! Peach cobbler is served at the finish line!
--Karli Posted by Picasa

Real Estate Market

Houses are sitting on the market for a longer period of time, the market is shifting from a seller's market to a buyer's market, and interest rates have gone up. Appreciation continues to steadily increase, and the average home in Portland is sold this past August for 328K. That's up 28K from August 2005. The market is cooling, but it won't be long before it picks back up again. Lots of out-of-staters are buying here, and that continues to keep the market strong.




Monday, September 18, 2006

I am excited about a new coffee shop opening up next to the Corbett Fish House!

Was so tired today! Samuel was up from approximately 4am-6:30am early this morning, so I was in a fog most of the day. I did take a nap during Samuel's naptime, which definitely helped me to feel better!

Tracy is in Italy having a GREAT time! My parents are in WY, and will be visiting Yellowstone.

--Karli Posted by Picasa


Sunday, September 17, 2006

I went and checked out Le Tour de Plants today, which means I got a bracelet for 2.00 that ensures me discounts at certain nurseries & gives me the opportunity to go to classes all week through the 24th. I got a good deal on two different varities of euphorbia, some more lemon thyme, and some ground-covers. I also got some horsetails, which I've been wanting for awhile to grow in a pot, but didn't know nurseries carried them, as I thought they were ruled as an invasive species. Well, apparently, they do sometimes carry them, and they haven't been outed yet. So, I found a nice pot, and I'm sure they'll live a happy life there. I will try to take some pictures tomorrow of a new garden art feature I put together this weekend as well. Stay tuned...

Later this evening, we went for a hike at Tryon Park as a family. Samuel is quite the little hiker. He's really into sticks right now, so kept stopping along the way to upgrade to a better stick. --Karli

September Bike Ride

Saturday, September 16, 2006
We rode to Alberta St. today for the fair & parade. The parade was so short that I missed it when I was inside Fuel Cafe ordering bagels, fruit, and juice for us. There was a horse-drawn buggy, and Samuel was excited to see the horses. It was a nice ride home. We rode with our new Raceface packs (90.00 packs, that we got for 15.00 each thanks to Cindy's boyfriend Josh, who works at The Bike Gallery!), and they worked great! Landon drank about all 100 ounces of water, and I drank about half. I felt better today on the bike than I ever have, and I think it was due to the constant hydration. We just about got poured on a couple of times, but we were lucky, and the storm always seemed just out of our area. Only a few sprinkles...fall is definitely here. We're doing the Peach of a Century ride next Sunday (the 62 mile option). I'm a little nervous, but excited to do another 60 mile ride. We're coming well prepared this time, and this ride is well-supported, so what happened to me on the Portland Century will not happen again! We're also getting a babysitter for Samuel, although not sure who yet! Wish us luck! --Karli

Two Babies

Friday, September 15, 2006

I babysat Carly again today, pictured above. She's a really good baby--very laid back & happy. This is my third time watching her, and Samuel has done better with his jealousy each time. I've also adjusted to watching two, and become even better at multi-tasking.

When Bronnie came to pick her up, she decided to go out to dinner with us. We went to the Corbett Fish House (we had been once before with my parents), and we walked down the hill. She used my Ergo (the best soft carrier on the market), and Samuel rode in the stroller. We at oustide, and all enjoyed our food quite a lot. It was a fun evening, and we got very lucky with the rain--although the black clouds were looming & there were sprinkles coming down, we didn't get rained on!!


Happy 53rd Birthday, Mike!

Thursday, September 14, 2006
Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Matt Lauer goes after Bush over secret prisons and torture

Vitex agnus-castus 'Alba'

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I got a white chaste tree (scientific name in title) at Portland Nursery for under $5.00, since it did not have a tag, and the nursery could not positively identify it. I had wanted one for a long time, so was thrilled to come upon one for such a great price. After carefully planting it, I was really bummed when in the weeks following, the tree dropped all its leaves, and appeared dead. After pruning off a piece, I noticed a trace of green inside, so continued to water it & hoped for the best. This week, I was elated when I was watering to discover new shoots sprouting forth from all the branches! It's made a come-back! I'm looking forward to having this tree in my garden for many years to come. --Karli

More on Storm!

Storm Large on Ellen

Storm may not be touring as lead singer for Supernova, but she will be opening for them on tour with the show's house band. Her single, Ladylike, is currently the top-selling single at She was on Ellen Monday, and may be performing on the final episode of Rockstar is the viewers vote for her. Sounds like she might be getting a contract with a label soon, and Dave Navarro might play guitar on her track "Ladylike" for her upcoming album, which she's hoping to finish soon. --Karli

The War of Terror

Monday, September 11, 2006
I think we all remember where we were and what we were doing the moment we learned of the 9/11 attacks. Most of us in the past 5 years have tried to go on with our lives since then, as is human nature. I remember how united the country seemed in those weeks following the 9/11 attacks. Many in the media were commenting on how much good came out of something so unspeakable. That good coming from an event that was so terrible that it caused each person to lay aside their political opinions, their religious differences, their intolerances, and racial barriers to help and support each other get through an event that no one in their lives should have to face or endure.

Now here we are--5 years later--and if you had told me 5 years ago where our nation would be today, I wouldn't have believed you.

It's overwhelming to me the state of the nation & the state of Iraq, and I probably mostly feel overwhelmed because I don't believe that I as a voter in this country can do much to change the situation. During the election season, mostly I feel like I'm voting for the better of two incompetent candidates, parties aside. In many ways, I feel like the voters do not have the power, especially with the voting process & the method of counting ballots having been proven to affect election results.

The other part that overwhelms me is that those responsible for 9/11 have not been brought to justice. Just eighteen months after the 9/11 attacks, we invaded Iraq, a country not connected to 9/11, and we have been there ever since. Our nation was distracted from the real threat to our country, and meanwhile, those that attacked us on 9/11 have only increased their hatred for us, and had years now to become stronger & plan a bigger & more impacting attack on our nation. We have more suicide bombings in our world than ever before. Just because they aren't happening on American soil doesn't make them any less terrifying or any less important.

I've heard the term for five years now--"War on Terror." From the perspective of an Iraqi civilian, the USA is as terrifying as the 9/11 attacks were to us five years ago--it's all about perspective. It's estimated that because of our military invention in Iraq, somewhere between 40,000-45,000 civilians have been killed. Some rationalize that in order to make this world a better place, others must give their lives, but how is it right that the deaths of 45,000 Iraqi civilians (they were not volunteering to die), the deaths of nearly three thousand American soldiers (one of which was a childhood friend of my brother-in-law & husband), and more than 20,000 wounded soldiers (wounded doesn't always mean your injuries are fixable--many of these guys don't have their eyesight or limbs anymore) become the means to achieve an end?

Sure, Sadaam was a terrible dictator, but he didn't have weapons of mass destruction as our government thought, and he didn't have ties to Al-queda. There are so many terrible dictators in this world. Are we going to systematically invade each country in the world until the world is full of democracies & free countries just like ours? Imperialism, anyone? ("The practice of one country extending its control over the territory, political system, or economic life of another country.")
Can you imagine how many human lives would have to be lost to achieve that? What's more, we're over in Iraq fighting a war that has no end in sight, and meanwhile, the perpetrators of 9/11 for the most part remain free.

So, here we are--five years later. I talked before about perspective. I'm an American mother to a 19-month old son. I don't have to fear that military forces might invade my neighborhood tonight or that a bomb may accidently hit my house while my family sleeps instead of its target. There are many Iraqi mothers, though, that fear these things on a daily basis. I'm thinking about them today, on 9/11. They are living in daily terror--because of our military--that makes the so-called war on terror a war OF terror. It might lessen terror in our country, but at the expense of heightened terror in another.


Festival on Waterfront

Sunday, September 10, 2006
We rode our bikes down to Tom McCall Waterfront Park and enjoyed Euro Gyro's & a big elephant ear (I haven't had one of those in years!) before heading home by way of crossing the Morrison Bridge to the east side, riding S to the Sellwood Bridge, then slightly N down 43. It was a pleasant afternoon. I'm so glad Portland has so many family-friendly rides available. It's become a summer pass-time, made possible mostly by our new location. --Karli
P.S. Happy 19-month birthday, Samuel. Love, Mommy

First Colds of the Season

Saturday, September 09, 2006
Samuel got a nasty cold/cough from playgroup last week, and since he insists on kissing on the lips, Landon and I came down with the same virus two days later. So, today was mainly spent indoors, despite the beautiful weather outdoors, while we rested & tried to get better. I made a Turkish stew, which turned out really well, and we ate that with Italian bread. Afterwards, I headed downtown to watch Hollywoodland with my friend Colleen & some of her friends. It was a pretty good movie, but one that I could have saved to see on DVD. Since it's nearing 10.00 to see a movie on the big screen these days, I'd much rather see something worth seeing on the big screen for that price. Take LOR, for instance!


Some Fridays ARE better than others!

Friday, September 08, 2006
So tired today.
Fell asleep reading.
Thursday, September 07, 2006
Rockstar Supernova - Week 10 - Elimination
Storm Large - Wish You Were Here (Rockstar Supernova)

Storm goes home tonight--what an amazing last performance, though. --Karli
Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Storm Large - Ladylike (Rockstar Supernova)
Storm Large - Suffragette City (Rockstar Supernova)

Storm was awesome last night!

27 Years

Monday, September 04, 2006
I started off with making breakfast burritos & orange juice for Landon's birthday, then made a carrot cake for later. Then, we hopped on our bikes & headed down to the Pearl for Art in the Pearl & Jamison Sq. Samuel had a lot of fun in the water, but then had a total melt-down as he was pushing his morning nap. We ended up heading home & only briefly hit the festival. It wasn't baby-friendly as there were lots of glass on display and we did not have a stroller with us. Samuel was screaming by that point because he was so tired. We no sooner put him back in the Burley and he was asleep. We rode home, and I frosted the cake. Landon's parents were coming over for cake at 3pm, and it was already 2:30. I gave Landon his big present, which was a framed print of Jody's ( called Tune II. Landon loved it! It looks great in our living room. Mike & Susan came over for awhile. Earlier in the day, I had also given Landon a pound of tea leaves, a tea ring, and a travel mug from Peet's, since he can no longer drink coffee. It will be nice for him to have that at work. In the evening, Brongaene came over to watch Samuel, and Landon and I went to Bridgeport for dinner. It was delicious, and the beer was great, but we were both so tired from a long day & weekend that after a short walk after dinner, we headed home. We were only gone for an hour & a half. Happy 27th Birthday, Landon! -Karli

Heading S on 101

Sunday, September 03, 2006
We headed out to Lincoln City & Newport today to try something different. We got a late start because of the session last night and were pretty tired all day. I don't think I'll ever head down that way again unless I'm on my way to CA. The beaches were dirty, and the communities seemed to be dominated by the corporate world. There were small strips of independently owned businesses, but they seemed to be run-down, especially in Newport. Newport was pretty awful on the bay-front. Probably the most interesting aspect was the sea-lions, although I didn't care for the huge numbers branded onto their backs. The coast-line further north seems so much nicer, and communities like Cannon Beach are pleasant to visit every time with their nice store-fronts & galleries. There isn't even a Starbucks in Cannon Beach--the community there seems to be completely run by locals.

Late-Night Session

Saturday, September 02, 2006
We hosted a session at our house tonight, and it was a great turn-out. People started arriving around 7:30pm, and stayed until about 1:30am. It was a lot of fun, and we hope to host more in the future. --Karli

September Already

Friday, September 01, 2006
Landon took today off & we all headed to Cannon Beach. The weather was perfect, and we were on the beach for about four hours. Samuel was in a sandbox paradise. He played in the creek & the sand the whole time with some other kids that had brought lots of dump trucks, shovels, and buckets. He even saw three horses on the beach! It was a fun & relaxing day. --Karli
six feet under - the rainbow of her reasons

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