Rockstar: Supernova

Thursday, August 17, 2006
A few years ago, Cindy, Colleen, & I caught a couple shows at Dante's with singer/song artist Storm Large. One of her fans sent her information to Rockstar, and she is now one of the remaining 7 contestants--one of which will earn the position of lead singer of the band, Supernova. It's so cool that one of our local artists might have the opportunity of a lifetime! She even voted for my friend Sharla a couple of years ago when she (Sharla) was up for 105.1's hottest teacher contest. Anyway, I hadn't been watching Rockstar: Supernova, because I'm not a fan of reality TV, but now that I know Storm is one of the contestants, I'll be tuning in on Tues. & Wed. nights. Cindy & Sharla have already been watching for the past few weeks. I've uploaded some utube clips of her earlier performances on the show--see below.



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