Last Day at the Festival

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Even though I was quite worn out yesterday, I decided to give the Wash. Park Festival one last shot, so once again, for the fourth time this week, I packed up a dinner and we headed over the hill to the festival. Several of the moms from my moms' group were there, and it was fun! The story hour lasted a long time. Samuel is not old enough, obviously, to sit & listen to an hour-long story, even though the staff at the festival seemed to think that all the children needed to remain seated during story-time. No way my boy was going to stay seated! Landon and I ended up having to take him off to the side of the festival several times so he didn't interrupt the story-time. Plus, he was fascinated by a smooth flag-stone border to the stair case that the kids turned into a make-shift slide. He went down that thing over & over again. Later, one kid was playing with a huge remote-controlled truck. Samuel was in Heaven! He loves trucks right now! Especially diggers! --Karli


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