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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Notes to Landon:

1. When you unload the dishwasher and put dishes away, can you please put the tall glasses together on the far right-hand side of the cabinet, the 6 juice glasses together next to those, and the beer mugs to the left of those? I like them in two rows of 3 for the glasses, since there are six of each size, and the 4 beer mugs in two rows of 2. When you mix them all up, it looks disorderly, unorganized, and unsystematic. It also annoys me when I have to move glasses to get to the size I want for the beverage I am drinking.

2. I appreciated that you started a load of laundry for the first time the other night since we've moved here, which was over two months ago now--I really do. However, my bright red sweatshirt washed with my bleached white summer t-shirt did not mix well, and now my t-shirt is a pinkish color. I had organized piles of whites, towels, sheets, soft colors, and dark colors in front of the washing machine. When you told me you started a load of "what was in front of the washing machine," I was instantly concerned, but brushed it off and told myself to trust you. I want to trust you to start the laundry, but there are a few simple common-sense rules that must be followed unless I am to regulary buy new clothes.

a. Whites are washed with whites.
b. pastels & light colors are washed together.
c. Dark colors together.
d. Towels are washed in their own separate load.
e. Sheets, too.

These rules are simple, and much more watered down than the average person. My only request is that we try to follow them unless something is tossed in by complete accident.

Oh, and P.S. Please do not mistake these notes as suggestive that I would rather do these chores myself! Posted by Picasa


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