Feeling Poorly

Saturday, August 05, 2006

When Samuel woke up this morning, he was shaking. About 30 minutes later, he vomited. So, needless to say, we canceled all our plans for the day. Later in the morning, I wasn't feeling so hot either. I've been drinking water all day long, and seem to be fine at this point. Samuel seems fine, too. I don't know what kind of virus only lasts for a few hours, but it's annoying, considering it caused us to cancel several plans we had for today! It's okay, though. I think it was my body's way of telling me to slow down. I've been up to a lot lately with little to no rest. So, today I slowed the pace down a little. I'm glad we're feeling better, though, so we can go to McMinnville tomorrow for Tracy's birthday! --Karli Posted by Picasa


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