Day with Landon

Friday, August 11, 2006
  Landon took the day off today from work, so we went for a bike ride to prepare for the Bridge Pedal which is this Sunday. We ended up going for a really nice ride, perfectly balanced between uphill & downhill. Sometimes I wonder how Landon can pull Samuel in the Burley for such long stretches. I think he's in better shape than I am, bottom line. I don't have the endurance for that--at least not yet! So, we ended up riding up Terwilliger, took residential streets up to Wilson Highschool, rode through Hillsdale, up Capital Hwy. to Mult. Village, stopped for a pastry, cut over on 45th Ave. to Taylor's Ferry, rode down 55th past our old house on Pasadena, rode up to Barbur, rode over the hill down Taylor's Ferry on the east side of Barbur, then cut over to Barbur on Terwilliger and rode on home. Like I said, it was a nice ride!

Then, it was haircut time for Landon. I didn't get my hair cut this time, but I did get it colored. After haircuts, we went home, made dinner, and called it a day. I did some laundry & straightened up the house before bed. --Karli Posted by Picasa


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