Chore Day

Saturday, August 26, 2006
Today we stayed home mostly & did chores & I caught up on some reading. Went to Papaccino's for awhile, then left shortly after I read their "resting policy." To surmize, they basically don't want you hanging out for hours reading or studying, as that's what libraries are for. They don't mind if you enjoy your coffee, but then they want you to go so that you don't take up a table that other customers could be using. It sort of annoyed me, but since I want to support them over Starbucks, I'm still planning on going there regularly to linger, read, and enjoy espresso drinks. I'll just have to make my cup of coffee last a long time! While I'm on this topic, does anyone have suggestions for comfortable reading spots in the Terwilliger neighborhood? -Karli Posted by Picasa


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