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Thursday, August 03, 2006

We are meeting all sorts of interesting, welcoming, and friendly individuals in our new neighborhood! Just this evening, we met a couple with their three month baby when we were out for an evening walk. Then, we met our new neighbor two houses down & they have a 3 1/2 year old girl, so Samuel & I might be getting together with them for a play-date soon.

Last night, I planted about five plants I bought at Portland Nursery, one of which is a Vitex (chaste tree) alba that will look beautiful once it reaches maturity. I planted it on the top of the south facing slope centered in the middle between the windows. Anyway, after feeling an earthquake last night that rattled our windows, I woke up knowing full well I hadn't slept enough last night, so I was dragging today! I took Samuel to a playgroup that ended up being on the furthest southwestern side of Beaverton--way the heck out there! It took about 40 minutes to drive there from our house. We were an hour late because of Samuel's morning nap, but stayed two hours. I then stopped at Fred Meyer for milk on the way home, only to realize that Samuel's diaper was soaking through, so I went to change him, then realized I had NO DIAPERS with me! Now in the 17 1/2 months I've had Samuel, I've NEVER NOT had a diaper with me, so even though I bought diapers just yesterday, I had to run into Fred Meyer with a diaperless baby (yes, I did put his shorts back on at least!), and buy MORE diapers. Before I even paid for them, I broke them open & put one on Samuel. I was very lucky--he didn't wet his pants between taking his diaper off in the car & getting him into the store & into a clean diaper! Anyway, I had just finished getting his diaper on when I realized that it was 4pm & I had only had a breakfast bar to eat, so I headed to the deli case to get a couple of chicken strips. I was sitting there scarfing them down with Samuel, who was nibbling bits of what I gave him, feeling like white trash for feeding my 17 month old chicken strips from the deli case when I realized that a voice that was speaking nearby me was actually speaking to me. Her name was Melissa, and she was there with her two sons scarfing down chicken strips because she realized she hadn't eaten lunch either. We were laughing about the fact that our husbands were going to wonder why neither of us was hungry for dinner, not to mention the fact that we were eating unhealthy chicken strips! Samuel started playing with her 4 year old son Sullivan, and we chatted about the neighborhood. I gave her some advice on where to buy Ergo carriers in Portland, and we parted ways, hoping to run into each other again in the future.

So, I get home, carry the groceries in, put Samuel in his highchair & feed him frozen organic blueberries, which he loves, then realized after he was done eating that he had made a very blue mess all over his face, hands, hair, etc. When it requires more than five trips to the sink to rinse out the washcloth, I give up & decide it would be easier to give him a full bath. I no sooner put him in the bathtub, carrying him as far away from my body as possible so as not to get blueberry stains on my clothes, start running the water, then go to the kitchen and walk back when I see that he has fully made a mess in the tub, and is trying to pick the bits up & put them over the side of the tub. I then did the following:

  • Pulled the screen off the drain
  • Took the bulkier chunks & put them in the toilet
  • Drained the water
  • Rinsed the tub
  • Re-ran another tub of water
  • Washed son from head to toe
  • Drained water
  • Dried son
  • Carried son upstairs wrapped in towel
  • Put diaper on son
  • Put son to sleep (first nap was cut short due to playgroup; usually, he never takes 2 naps)

By then it was 5:30 or so. I left sleeping Samuel in his room, then went & laid down. I was exhausted to say the least. I woke up an hour later. Landon was home from work. That brings me to the beginning of this blog entry when we met the couple on our walk this evening. I really wasn't up for a walk--I was too tired. But, I'm glad I went when it was all said & done with, because I met some nice people! Landon also treated us to fraps at Starbucks. I tried their blended blackberry green tea frap, and it was the BEST frap I've ever had! I would highly recommmend it!

That's it for today, August 3rd.
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