Willamette Park Picnic

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The best part about today is that Landon took the day off, so Samuel & I got to spend the day with him! I spent a couple of hours this morning making humus, cutting up watermelon, and making a green salad. Landon made a pasta salad. The plan was to go to Kruger's Farm this evening to hear Foghorn String Band with Landon's Aunt Marylou, Ken, Janssen, and Mike & Susan. They had spent the day at the Ape Caves on Mt. St. Helens (old lava tubes). By the time they were heading back, they were all too tired to go out to Sauvie Island, so I drove the car down to Willamette Park, and we had a picnic there & Aidan & Samuel played on the playground. They leave tomorrow for Walla Walla. It has been nice seeing them in Portland! Now, I wonder if we can convince them to move here??

Earlier today while everyone was at the ape caves, we rode our bikes down to the waterfront and had lunch at Pizza Schmizza. Then we rode our bikes to the Salmon waterfountain. Samuel had a blast! It was a nice afternoon! --Karli


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