Silcox Hut Adventure

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Months ago, we signed up to spend a night at Silcox Hut, the highest point on Mt. Hood where one can spend the night. Silcox Hut is amazingly designed. Built mostly from rock & timber & perched beneath the peaks of Mt. Hood, it lends a beautiful panoramic view in all directions. There was lots of snow, and Samuel loved shoveling & playing in it with the other kids. We checked in & were transported with our luggage to the hut in an SUV, arriving around 5pm. There were beautiful Alpine Phlox & other native plants to the mountain growing all along the road leading to the hut. We mostly played in the snow, admired the views, and relaxed on the mountain or in the hut before dinner. After dinner, once the kids were in bed, the adults enjoyed dessert & conversation. Landon and I spent some time outdoors in the dark of night looking up at all the stars. It reminded me of the night skies in Africa. We could clearly see the Milky Way, many constelations, satelites, and Jupiter. It was beautiful! And, one other added benefit--we escaped the 104 degree heat of the Willamette Valley. In fact, we were wearing jackets & sitting in front of a fire by 10pm! --Karli


Claudia's Journal said...

Nice picture!! It looks like it was nice there. It was very, very hot here yesterday--- so Dad and I stayed indoors all day.

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