Nacho Mama's

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Mike, Susan, Marylou, Ken, & Aidan all went white water rafting today on the Clackamas River. Samuel & I went to a playgroup this morning, then came home and took a nap. In the evening, Landon, Samuel, & I went over to Mike & Susan's to meet for dinner with the Karp's & O'Brien's. Janssen surprised everyone by showing up last night at Mike & Susan's, so he came along as well. We went to Nacho Mama's. I really don't care for American/Mexican food. It's really bland, and I rarely ever eat the shredded meat they serve. I mostly order vegetarian dishes. Tonight I tried out fish tacos, and they were pretty good, although for the price, I can't say I would eat there again! After dinner, we went to the park next door to find Landon & Samuel. Samuel had had enough during dinner, so Landon took him next door to the park. We all ended up staying there for an extra hour after dinner. They had great swings there that swung really high. Samuel mostly had fun on the slide. He could go up & down a slide forever if we let him! --Karli


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