Long Day

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Today was the barn party in Scappoose, and it was fun, but challenging to keep Samuel from getting into barnyard tools & equipment. He liked seeing the pigs & the chickens. There were also several dogs roaming about that he enjoyed seeing up close. It was hot today! When we got home, we put Samuel down, then I walked down the hill to Zupan's to get a few things for our planned Cannon Beach trip tomorrow. I'm so tired! I'm about to go up and try to get some reading done before I go to bed, but I just know I'll get only two pages into the novel & fall asleep. I feel like I have chronic fatigue syndrome lately! Oh, by the way, we met our goal of having Samuel weaned by the 1st--this is day 3 sans breastfeeding, and I'm hoping the discomfort will go away soon! Samuel has done really well, which only proves that it was time. --Karli


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