Intolerable Heat

Sunday, July 23, 2006

After sleeping very little in the cramped quarters of the Silcox Hut, we awoke to coffee, pastries, waffles, fruit, and juices. Samuel ate lots of blueberries, then spent the morning shoveling dust. Before we left, I emptied out a sizeable amount of gravel & dirt from his diaper. Now that can't feel good! The kids were entertained by this chipmunk this morning. We walked to the ski lift & rode down to Timberline at around 10:30. We had to check-out at 10. The lift experience was really scary for us. Samuel's foot got caught between the safety-bar handle & the seat, and none of us realized for one scary minute of him screaming in fear & pain and riding 50' above rocks & bolders that it was the weight of our feet keeping the bar on top of his foot. We had assumed it locked into place. Once we freed his foot, he calmed down within a few minutes, but it was hard to relax with a steady stream of thoughts of Samuel falling out of the lift to the rocks filtering through my mind & Landon's. Landon kept a vice-like grip on Samuel, and we all started breathing a little easier once he was pointing out birds. Still, I couldn't have hit the ground soon enough. I don't think I would ever do that again. Granted, if I ever ride a lift again, most likely I will be skiing, not sight-seeing.

Anyway, by 12 noon, we were back home and opened up our car door from our cool air-conditioned Honda to face a heat blast that could have withered a flower on the spot. I was so hot & so uncomfortable that after we unloaded the car from our trip, we got back in our car and rode downtown to spend some time in the a/c'd mall. Trouble was, I was too tired from not sleeping last night, so we ended up leaving the mall after an hour to go buy a kiddie pool and try to cool off that way. We drove the LONG way to Target, enjoying the a/c in the car. Finally, we got the pool, and cooled off for a few hours outside. I didn't want to get out, and that water is cold! I think it got over 100 degrees today. Too hot for me. Too hot for Samuel, too! Landon was pretty miserable, too. At 5:30, I got out of the pool & went upstairs to change. Well, I woke up 2 hours later on my bed wrapped up in a towel. You know you're tired when you sleep in 100 degree weather on the second floor of a non-a/c'd house wrapped in a terry-cloth TOWEL. The nap felt good. I was confused when I woke up. When I got my bearings & found Samuel & Landon outside watering plants, I started to feel better. We all went to Fred Meyer for some groceries, came home, ate, put Samuel to bed, I finished my novel, Saturday, for tomorrow's book club, and now am about ready to call it a long day. Ciao!


Claudia's Journal said...

I don't identify with you in that---if I was "that tired"--I would of just went to bed. I for sure would not of READ a book~~~~reading always makes me sleepy!!! People are so different-- and there is just a few years between you and I.
It was very hot yesterday---I think it was 105 in McMinnville.

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