Friday, July 28, 2006

After a tip from a favorite blog of mine, Samuel & I headed to Milagros to check it out. It is a wonderful baby boutique with lots of used clothing, toys, books, soft carriers, & cloth diapers. Definitely a baby boutique I will be supporting in the future. I noticed that she only carries books in her store that I own--a woman who has a similar parenting style to my own & supports that style by selling books that support it (attachment parenting).

Samuel & I then stopped at Fred Meyer to get some groceries for dinner. While in the produce section, I kept struggling to get a plastic bag to hold whichever produce item I was buying. I noticed a woman nearby taking six at one time. She looked at me and said, "If you take what you're going to need, then you don't have to keep looking for a plastic bag dispenser--it is much easier, and you can reuse these bags to pick up dog poop!" I told her that was a great idea. Why is it so difficult sometimes to think of such simple ideas?? She told me she has always been good at thinking of great ideas, but unfortunately has never made any money from any of them. I'm glad that even a customer in the produce aisle can teach me something--there are many people out there where you least expect them from whom we can learn many helpful hints to help us live our lives. :)

Now, I'm headed out to the yard to plant some Cornus stolonifera 'Cardinal' along the west property line. I'm excited to try it out! I've never experimented with dogwood before--this one is a shurb/screen.



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