First of Five Streetside Beds

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Today was a LONG day! Last night I had a willow shrub I had purchased, but couldn't find anywhere to put it on the slopes, so this morning we started the first of five beds that will border Custer (south side of our house). I had e-mailed a posting on craigslist for bricks & drove to get them at 10, getting back at 1pm. It took awhile to load all the bricks up & then I took the long way home by accident. Then, I dropped off the bricks. Meanwhile, Samuel & Landon were busy removing sod from the bed. We have 50', so we will eventually divide that streetside strip into five 8' beds and four 2 1/2 ' wide paths. Today we started with the first 8' bed & 2 1/2 ' path. Landon worked hard hauling the sod up to our back yard. We're still not sure what we're going to do with it all. Anyway, after I dropped off the bricks, I left for A-boy to get the mulch & cedar chips for the path. Well, A-boy didn't have cedar chips, so I brought the mulch home & then Landon told me he was really hungry. I was on my way to Fred Meyer to look for cedar chips, so I took Samuel with me, and we went to Fred Meyer, but they didn't carry cedar chips either! I took Landon some chicken strips & jo jo's, then Samuel & I left for Grower's Garden. No, they didn't have cedar chips. I went to Lowe's. Still no luck. Went to Home Depot, and still no luck, so I gave in & got red cedar mulch. It will have to do until I find cedar chips. I like those the best. Either that or hazelnut shells. I think those are neat, too. Anyway, I had picked up some plants at A-boy & Home Depot, so when I got home, it was time to lay the bricks for the path. The cops were doing a sting today on I-5, and were circling around our block, because there is a secret road from I-5 to our street. They circled round & round all day watching our project take shape. One cop suggested Landon get sand for the bricks. I told him if I had to spend one more minute in my car I was going to go crazy, so he ran back up to A-boy to get the sand. When he got back, I got to work laying the bricks in even rows. Then it was time to rake, lay mulch, rake some more, lay the cedar mulch, then start planting. Landon organized the plants, then I brought some more down from our garden (mostly groundcovers) as well as two decorative rocks from my roadtrip at age 19 with my friend from PBC--all the way from Wyoming those rocks came the summer of 96. 10 years ago! I'd like to start collecting neat rocks for garden decor. I'll have to get rocks when I travel the world some day. Here is a picture of our completed bed & path, although it was dusk when I took it. The project took Landon and I working from 10am until 9pm. Now it is done! Voila! Karli


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