Family Visit

Monday, July 24, 2006

Landon's family is in town this week (Marylou, Ken, & Aidan), but they have planned baby unfriendly activities, so we'll mostly see them in the evenings. They just arrived at around 1pm today, but Samuel & I were at a playgroup. Landon got off work early (around 3pm), met us at the playgroup, then we went from there to Mike & Susan's to see everyone. Susan made chicken/basil/brie/basil sandwiches on foccacia bread. They were really good. Samuel had a lot of fun playing with Aidan, who is about nine now. It was good to see all of them! I had to leave at around 7:30 for my book club, and when it was time to go at 9:30, I saw I had two missed calls from Landon, and turns out I took the wrong car with the baby carseat, so Landon had been stuck at his parents' house! I had to drive all the way back over there, carry sleeping Samuel to the car, then we drove home. I had to water in the dark! It was a long day!


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