Concert in Sellwood Park

Monday, July 17, 2006

What a great way to spend a Monday evening! I had dinner ready by 5:10pm this evening, and boy was Landon surprised when, at the dinner table, I suggested riding to Sellwood Park for the free summer concert! So, by 5:45, we were packed up & started off on our bike ride. It was the perfect temperature, and there was even a light summer breeze blowing. We rode down Corbett, crossed into Willamette Park, then rode the S Waterfront Trail to the Hawthorne Bridge, crossed to the Esplanade, then rode that & continued on through the Springwater Corridor until we reached Sellwood Park. The moment we arrived, we realized we were missing something--a bottle of wine! We quickly rode up the hill to New Seasons to grab a bottle of Merlot, two plastic cups, and a bag of chocolate chip cookies. What a treat! We rode back, borrowed a corkscrew from a nearby family, and in no time at all were enjoying ourselves. Samuel had fallen asleep on the way, so woke up right about the time we got the wine uncorked. He had such a blast running through the park, laughing at the dogs swimming out to fetch sticks their owners would throw, and chasing balloons. Landon went and found him a balloon for his very own (American Ins. was passing them out at a table), and he proudly carried it through the park until it was time to go. The queue that it was time to go was the sun slipping beneath the west horizon. We went back by way of the Sellwood Bridge, and within 30 minutes, we were home. Once they improve the Sellwood Bridge, that route will be great access for us to the east side & the Springwater Corridor, instead of going all the way to the Hawthorne Bridge, then making our way back on the east side. I enjoy going north along the west bank, because it is beautiful, but it will be nice to have other options once they improve the Sellwood Bridge, especially when time is a factor! Anyway, tonight was one of those summer nights that I'll remember forever. Here is a picture just before the sun set of Samuel and I when he was watching the dogs fetch sticks in the Willamette. --Karli
P.S. The music was jazz--Lloyd Jones--he was great!


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