Beach Trip Gives Way to Afternoon of Hiking

Monday, July 03, 2006

We wanted to go to the beach today, but we neglected to go prepared, so after spending just one hour there waiting for it to warm up, we realized it wasn't going to, and headed home to spend our day doing something else. After spending a total of 3 hours total commute time in the car and an hour in Cannon Beach, we arrived back home at 2pm, and left to go on a hike. I wore Samuel most of the time (he even fell asleep) in the Ergo, which worked out pretty well. We found a new trail head on Iowa St. and explored that to the top of Terwilliger. It was really neat, and actually went beneath I-5 & Barbur. It's amazing there are forested trails so close to our house, yet we live in such an urban area. After we got home, I browsed a little bit, and found out there are many ways we can cut through & hike to most services & parks in this area. We were tired when we got home, but it felt good that we spent the day getting exercise & out in the fresh air. --Karli (P.S. I'm reminiscing about how little Samuel was, so here is a picture around 4 months).


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