4th of July Celebration in our New Neighborhood

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July! And Happy 30th Anniversary, Mom & Dad! Turns out our street is a big hit for people all around who come up to see the Oak's Park & Sellwood fireworks from the top of the hill. Several neighbors had big elaborate parties, and there were lots of fireworks going off a block down from our house at the intersection of Corbett & Custer. It was a lot of fun! After spending a few hours in St. Helen's at Amy's party, we headed home so Samuel could go to bed, then Landon and I walked down and watched the fireworks a block from our house with the baby monitor in hand. What a view! This will be exciting for all the 4th of July's to come in the future. Next year, I'm hoping Samuel can be more involved. It's exciting that the neighbors all rally together and have parties. We're thinking of having one of our own next year! It's a perfect place to watch fireworks! Here is a picture right at dusk which shows how many cars are parked at our intersection. --Karli


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