2nd Long Bike Ride

Saturday, July 08, 2006

We went for another long bike ride today! We rode down Corbett, then along the waterfront, through the S Waterfront construction, then crossed the Hawthorne Bridge, riding up Clinton to Landon's parents' house. I won't give away the street, since you never know who reads your blog, but it's almost all the way to 82nd Ave, folks! That's a LONG bike ride for a girl like me, and mostly uphill. By the time we rode back & walked our bikes up Corbett's steep hill, my face was a shade of purple that looked pretty awful. Once I cooled down, I felt much better, and was so glad we did it. Landon was glad to have seen his parents, who just got back from Peru yesterday. We stopped at Children's Exchange on the way home, and got some super cute shorts for Samuel, two of which were only .75!! The bike ride took up most of the day, but what better way to spend a Saturday? Now if we could just get some other families to go with us!


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