Monday, July 31, 2006

Today Samuel & I hosted playgroup, so the beginning part of the day was spent getting ready to host, going to Zupan's for some snacks (grapes, juice, pumpkin bread). After Samuel's nap-time, about four or five moms came over with their babies. It was fun. There were toys throughout the whole house by the time everyone left!

Within an hour after they left, Landon got home from work, and we biked over to Sellwood Park for the afrofunk concert. The music was okay, so we only stayed for about 45 minutes, then continued over to the Steel Bridge, crossed at the pedestrian crossing, then headed south on the west side along the river and on up to our house.

I read for an hour or so, and looks like I won't be finishing Jentz's book before tomorrow night. I do plan to finish it, however, after the book-club!

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Taking it Easy for a Change

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Yesterday we worked so hard and I could feel it today. I was up off & on with Samuel last night, and was super tired this morning. After walking Samuel down the stairs, Landon took over & I went back to bed. When I woke up two hours later, they were gone getting groceries, so I made some coffee, then took a shower. By 12, we were in SE Portland at a coffee shop Landon is going to start playing at on Sundays with a couple of other musicians/friends. It's a baby-friendly coffee shop, so the best part is that Samuel & I can come along, too! By 4pm, we were back home, and we were both really tired. I went upstairs for over an hour & read while Landon watched Samuel & then made pesto for dinner. It's now 7:30, and Landon is upstairs putting Samuel to bed, and I'm about to start reading again. I still have 300 pages to go, and book club is on Tuesday night, and I'm hosting! --Karli

First of Five Streetside Beds

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Today was a LONG day! Last night I had a willow shrub I had purchased, but couldn't find anywhere to put it on the slopes, so this morning we started the first of five beds that will border Custer (south side of our house). I had e-mailed a posting on craigslist for bricks & drove to get them at 10, getting back at 1pm. It took awhile to load all the bricks up & then I took the long way home by accident. Then, I dropped off the bricks. Meanwhile, Samuel & Landon were busy removing sod from the bed. We have 50', so we will eventually divide that streetside strip into five 8' beds and four 2 1/2 ' wide paths. Today we started with the first 8' bed & 2 1/2 ' path. Landon worked hard hauling the sod up to our back yard. We're still not sure what we're going to do with it all. Anyway, after I dropped off the bricks, I left for A-boy to get the mulch & cedar chips for the path. Well, A-boy didn't have cedar chips, so I brought the mulch home & then Landon told me he was really hungry. I was on my way to Fred Meyer to look for cedar chips, so I took Samuel with me, and we went to Fred Meyer, but they didn't carry cedar chips either! I took Landon some chicken strips & jo jo's, then Samuel & I left for Grower's Garden. No, they didn't have cedar chips. I went to Lowe's. Still no luck. Went to Home Depot, and still no luck, so I gave in & got red cedar mulch. It will have to do until I find cedar chips. I like those the best. Either that or hazelnut shells. I think those are neat, too. Anyway, I had picked up some plants at A-boy & Home Depot, so when I got home, it was time to lay the bricks for the path. The cops were doing a sting today on I-5, and were circling around our block, because there is a secret road from I-5 to our street. They circled round & round all day watching our project take shape. One cop suggested Landon get sand for the bricks. I told him if I had to spend one more minute in my car I was going to go crazy, so he ran back up to A-boy to get the sand. When he got back, I got to work laying the bricks in even rows. Then it was time to rake, lay mulch, rake some more, lay the cedar mulch, then start planting. Landon organized the plants, then I brought some more down from our garden (mostly groundcovers) as well as two decorative rocks from my roadtrip at age 19 with my friend from PBC--all the way from Wyoming those rocks came the summer of 96. 10 years ago! I'd like to start collecting neat rocks for garden decor. I'll have to get rocks when I travel the world some day. Here is a picture of our completed bed & path, although it was dusk when I took it. The project took Landon and I working from 10am until 9pm. Now it is done! Voila! Karli


Friday, July 28, 2006

After a tip from a favorite blog of mine, Samuel & I headed to Milagros to check it out. It is a wonderful baby boutique with lots of used clothing, toys, books, soft carriers, & cloth diapers. Definitely a baby boutique I will be supporting in the future. I noticed that she only carries books in her store that I own--a woman who has a similar parenting style to my own & supports that style by selling books that support it (attachment parenting).

Samuel & I then stopped at Fred Meyer to get some groceries for dinner. While in the produce section, I kept struggling to get a plastic bag to hold whichever produce item I was buying. I noticed a woman nearby taking six at one time. She looked at me and said, "If you take what you're going to need, then you don't have to keep looking for a plastic bag dispenser--it is much easier, and you can reuse these bags to pick up dog poop!" I told her that was a great idea. Why is it so difficult sometimes to think of such simple ideas?? She told me she has always been good at thinking of great ideas, but unfortunately has never made any money from any of them. I'm glad that even a customer in the produce aisle can teach me something--there are many people out there where you least expect them from whom we can learn many helpful hints to help us live our lives. :)

Now, I'm headed out to the yard to plant some Cornus stolonifera 'Cardinal' along the west property line. I'm excited to try it out! I've never experimented with dogwood before--this one is a shurb/screen.


Willamette Park Picnic

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The best part about today is that Landon took the day off, so Samuel & I got to spend the day with him! I spent a couple of hours this morning making humus, cutting up watermelon, and making a green salad. Landon made a pasta salad. The plan was to go to Kruger's Farm this evening to hear Foghorn String Band with Landon's Aunt Marylou, Ken, Janssen, and Mike & Susan. They had spent the day at the Ape Caves on Mt. St. Helens (old lava tubes). By the time they were heading back, they were all too tired to go out to Sauvie Island, so I drove the car down to Willamette Park, and we had a picnic there & Aidan & Samuel played on the playground. They leave tomorrow for Walla Walla. It has been nice seeing them in Portland! Now, I wonder if we can convince them to move here??

Earlier today while everyone was at the ape caves, we rode our bikes down to the waterfront and had lunch at Pizza Schmizza. Then we rode our bikes to the Salmon waterfountain. Samuel had a blast! It was a nice afternoon! --Karli

Nacho Mama's

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Mike, Susan, Marylou, Ken, & Aidan all went white water rafting today on the Clackamas River. Samuel & I went to a playgroup this morning, then came home and took a nap. In the evening, Landon, Samuel, & I went over to Mike & Susan's to meet for dinner with the Karp's & O'Brien's. Janssen surprised everyone by showing up last night at Mike & Susan's, so he came along as well. We went to Nacho Mama's. I really don't care for American/Mexican food. It's really bland, and I rarely ever eat the shredded meat they serve. I mostly order vegetarian dishes. Tonight I tried out fish tacos, and they were pretty good, although for the price, I can't say I would eat there again! After dinner, we went to the park next door to find Landon & Samuel. Samuel had had enough during dinner, so Landon took him next door to the park. We all ended up staying there for an extra hour after dinner. They had great swings there that swung really high. Samuel mostly had fun on the slide. He could go up & down a slide forever if we let him! --Karli

Concert at Mt. Tabor Park

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Today, Mike, Susan, and the Karps drove the two hours to Mt. St. Helens to go through the ape caves, which I did six years ago--it's fun, but I don't know if I'd go again. They got all the way there, and the road was closed due to a forest fire the day before, but they said to come back on Thursday & it would be opened. They ended up going hiking nearby, and took some great pictures of the mountain! We didn't see them today. They went out to eat at Malay Satay Hut nearby Mike & Susan's, and Landon and I rode our bikes all the way from our house to Mt. Tabor Park & met a few of his co-workers there for a concert in the park. Samuel had a lot of fun running through the grass & playing with the other kids that were there. It was a great bike ride (downhill most of the way home), and those concerts in the park are a great way to spend a summer evening--everyone has fun! We pack dinner/beverages, sit down, relax, & enjoy the music. --Karli

Family Visit

Monday, July 24, 2006

Landon's family is in town this week (Marylou, Ken, & Aidan), but they have planned baby unfriendly activities, so we'll mostly see them in the evenings. They just arrived at around 1pm today, but Samuel & I were at a playgroup. Landon got off work early (around 3pm), met us at the playgroup, then we went from there to Mike & Susan's to see everyone. Susan made chicken/basil/brie/basil sandwiches on foccacia bread. They were really good. Samuel had a lot of fun playing with Aidan, who is about nine now. It was good to see all of them! I had to leave at around 7:30 for my book club, and when it was time to go at 9:30, I saw I had two missed calls from Landon, and turns out I took the wrong car with the baby carseat, so Landon had been stuck at his parents' house! I had to drive all the way back over there, carry sleeping Samuel to the car, then we drove home. I had to water in the dark! It was a long day!

Intolerable Heat

Sunday, July 23, 2006

After sleeping very little in the cramped quarters of the Silcox Hut, we awoke to coffee, pastries, waffles, fruit, and juices. Samuel ate lots of blueberries, then spent the morning shoveling dust. Before we left, I emptied out a sizeable amount of gravel & dirt from his diaper. Now that can't feel good! The kids were entertained by this chipmunk this morning. We walked to the ski lift & rode down to Timberline at around 10:30. We had to check-out at 10. The lift experience was really scary for us. Samuel's foot got caught between the safety-bar handle & the seat, and none of us realized for one scary minute of him screaming in fear & pain and riding 50' above rocks & bolders that it was the weight of our feet keeping the bar on top of his foot. We had assumed it locked into place. Once we freed his foot, he calmed down within a few minutes, but it was hard to relax with a steady stream of thoughts of Samuel falling out of the lift to the rocks filtering through my mind & Landon's. Landon kept a vice-like grip on Samuel, and we all started breathing a little easier once he was pointing out birds. Still, I couldn't have hit the ground soon enough. I don't think I would ever do that again. Granted, if I ever ride a lift again, most likely I will be skiing, not sight-seeing.

Anyway, by 12 noon, we were back home and opened up our car door from our cool air-conditioned Honda to face a heat blast that could have withered a flower on the spot. I was so hot & so uncomfortable that after we unloaded the car from our trip, we got back in our car and rode downtown to spend some time in the a/c'd mall. Trouble was, I was too tired from not sleeping last night, so we ended up leaving the mall after an hour to go buy a kiddie pool and try to cool off that way. We drove the LONG way to Target, enjoying the a/c in the car. Finally, we got the pool, and cooled off for a few hours outside. I didn't want to get out, and that water is cold! I think it got over 100 degrees today. Too hot for me. Too hot for Samuel, too! Landon was pretty miserable, too. At 5:30, I got out of the pool & went upstairs to change. Well, I woke up 2 hours later on my bed wrapped up in a towel. You know you're tired when you sleep in 100 degree weather on the second floor of a non-a/c'd house wrapped in a terry-cloth TOWEL. The nap felt good. I was confused when I woke up. When I got my bearings & found Samuel & Landon outside watering plants, I started to feel better. We all went to Fred Meyer for some groceries, came home, ate, put Samuel to bed, I finished my novel, Saturday, for tomorrow's book club, and now am about ready to call it a long day. Ciao!

Silcox Hut Adventure

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Months ago, we signed up to spend a night at Silcox Hut, the highest point on Mt. Hood where one can spend the night. Silcox Hut is amazingly designed. Built mostly from rock & timber & perched beneath the peaks of Mt. Hood, it lends a beautiful panoramic view in all directions. There was lots of snow, and Samuel loved shoveling & playing in it with the other kids. We checked in & were transported with our luggage to the hut in an SUV, arriving around 5pm. There were beautiful Alpine Phlox & other native plants to the mountain growing all along the road leading to the hut. We mostly played in the snow, admired the views, and relaxed on the mountain or in the hut before dinner. After dinner, once the kids were in bed, the adults enjoyed dessert & conversation. Landon and I spent some time outdoors in the dark of night looking up at all the stars. It reminded me of the night skies in Africa. We could clearly see the Milky Way, many constelations, satelites, and Jupiter. It was beautiful! And, one other added benefit--we escaped the 104 degree heat of the Willamette Valley. In fact, we were wearing jackets & sitting in front of a fire by 10pm! --Karli

Heat Wave

Friday, July 21, 2006

It's a scorcher today! Samuel & I walked down to Willamette Park this morning to meet some moms for a play-date at 9:30am, and by the time I walked back up the hill at 11am, it was sooo hot! 88 degrees already, and it is 12:30. It's supposed to hit 102 today, and I wouldn't be surprised if we go higher than that.

On the way home, I talked to a neighbor about the trees he put in 5 years ago that are already over 30' high, and he said he gets complaints from surrounding neighbors all the time because of their obstructed views. I'm not sure what we should do--probably do what we want & not worry about what our neighbors say--but, part of me wants to maintain good terms with our neighbors & wants them to enjoy views if they have them. But, part of me wants to make that strip of the sidewalk a little nicer for pedestrians as well! Maybe a compromise will be planting the cleredendrons that will overhang form the south slopes. That way, it improves the sidewalk, but doesn't obstruct views. I don't think that would look as nice, though.

For those of you that read my blog & are in SW Portland, I'm thinking about joining The Mazamas for one of their 6pm hikes in NW Portland. Here is a summary from about their evening hikes:
Mazamas leads casual hikes exploring the streets and trails of Northwest Portland every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 pm . This is a great way to meet other hikers, plan a weekend trip, or just to maintain your fitness after work and see some hidden parts of Portland! Meet at Mazamas at 909 NW 19th Ave. prior to 6PM. Donation cost is one dollar. Info: 503-227-2345 or visit our web site at (click above).


Walk to Hillsdale

Thursday, July 20, 2006
I walked up to Hillsdale with Samuel today, because Landon accidently took the carseat to work. We had to switch cars yesterday, because mine was in the shop. I didn't have a way to escape the heat today! I was glad that I went for the walk when I did, because by the time I got home it was really warm out. Our house is uncomfortable, but not miserably so. I have a feeling tomorrow will be more hot than today. We're out of town this weekend at Silcox Hut on Mt. Hood, so will be able to escape the heat most of Saturday and Sunday. --Karli

To Plant or Not To Plant

Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Dave from the Urban Forestry division stopped by today to inspect our street cars beds & determine the spacing of trees. He provided a list of trees we can choose from that will grow nicely beneath power lines & in beds that are 6 to 8 feet wide. He spray painted two lines along Custer where we can plant two trees. We're supposed to let him know once we've chosen the variety of tree we want to plant, and he will issue a permit for us to plant them. We can't plant any more trees along our View Point Terrace side, because of the English Hawthorne & overhanging Maples. I did, however, plant our Japanese Snowbell tree to overhang the hosta bed on the east facing slope between the Hawthorn & the Maples on our property. The city can't tell you what to plant on your own property, but you do have to go through them before removing a tree on your property. You also have 30 days to replace a tree you remove from your property. Back to the English Hawthorn, he said we can take that out if we want to and replace it with a different tree. I have no desire to do this, because it looks old & nice, although it does drop thorns, which can be painful if you step on one with your bare foot! He said this particular tree is invasive, and up on Powell Butte, they have a real problem with it. I do notice lots of starters coming up all over our yard. I pull them out continually!

We still have a problem with the concrete about two feet beneath the bed on the south side. We don't know if this is an old curb or leftover concrete road from the past. The arborist from the city said that Portland utitilites do not use concrete to cover their utilities, so I'm pretty sure it isn't related to that. Oddly enough, there is a strip of dead grass along where the concrete lies beneath the ground. I talked to our neighbor, and he thinks it is a soil problem, or something that drips from the power lines onto the lawn that kills it. We aren't quite sure what it is from, but I'm hoping that if we amend the soil that the garden beds we plan to put there will thrive. If it is a problem from the power lines, I'm not quite sure how to fix it, but I'm sure there would be a solution.

When I was talking to our neighbor, he said he has a couple of concerns with us planting trees in front of our house. He was really nice, and said he doesn't want to offend us or come across like he's telling us what we can do on our own property, but he did have concerns, and since I asked, he shared what they were. He said he doesn't want trees that will drop sap on his cars, because it will ruin the paint. He has 3 super nice cars. A BMW, a Mercedes-Benz, and a convertible sports car (I am unsure of the make). I told him I wouldn't pick trees that would drop sticky substances, as we park our cars along there as well. His second concern was that he would like to preserve the view that he and the other two neighbors along the street share from their front porches & front yards. He walked me up to our neighbor Don's porch so I could see that he has a view from his porch, and that planting trees along there would definitely block that view. I told him that my intention in planting trees is to improve the neighborhood, and that although trees do add to the character of a neighborhood, there are other factors to consider. I thanked him for sharing his concerns, and was glad to hear them. After talking to him, I went back to gardening, and decided that we should not plant the trees. I know I would be upset if someone changed the setting of my front porch by obstructing a view. Also, I noted to our neighbor that the street I was considering planting on actually does have lots of trees already. They are just on the other side of the street--the side w/ no power lines. We do have an overhanging oak tree on our south facing slope, but the sidewalk there is in the direct sun with no shade. It's okay, though--we've selected drought tolerant & full sun plants. Trees would have improved our lot, but not necessarily made improvements to our neighbors' lots. Also, in the future, I may build up part of the slope & plant a tree with a non-invasive root system like a Clerodendrum trichotomum (these are wonderful canopy trees) that can overhang the sidewalk a bit, but not enough to obstruct views. We had two Clerodendrums at our Pasadena house, and I was bummed to leave them behind.

For now, to make our neighbors happy & to support community, I don't think planting trees that will obstruct views is a good idea. In the future, as the neighborhood changes, it may become a better option. To be honest, I don't even know if we could have planted trees anyway because of the concrete. I'm sure we could jackhammer through it, but that's a lot of work, and there's no telling how thick it is. We still plan to garden those beds, though, as there is a good two feet before you hit concrete, and it doesn't underlie the entire bed. As for gardening those beds, that was something our neighbor said he'd be fine with. Luckily, he doesn't have a weird attachment to the lawn there! Now that would have reminded me of our old neighbors if he had!


Beautiful Summer Day

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I wanted to go for another bike ride tonight, but when it came down to it, we opted to stay home & take it easy. After dinner, watering, and bath time for Samuel, it was time for him to go to bed. I did some reading, and Landon was in bed by 10pm. We've been watching a Showtime series called Weeds. We don't like it very much, but it is getting better, so we'll see. It's only had one season, but Mary Louise Parker did win an award, so they must be doing something right!

The weather has been great so far this week! It's mostly been in the eighties, with a light breeze in the evening. I was out gardening this afternoon while Samuel was napping. I bought some plants at A-boy. I bought some white & marrooon phlox, and a new sedum. Basically a reddish version of Autumn's Joy. It'll complement the garden nicely. I like mixing green & red foliage. Heather & Logan stopped by on their way home from the east side to say hi. It was nice to see them!


Concert in Sellwood Park

Monday, July 17, 2006

What a great way to spend a Monday evening! I had dinner ready by 5:10pm this evening, and boy was Landon surprised when, at the dinner table, I suggested riding to Sellwood Park for the free summer concert! So, by 5:45, we were packed up & started off on our bike ride. It was the perfect temperature, and there was even a light summer breeze blowing. We rode down Corbett, crossed into Willamette Park, then rode the S Waterfront Trail to the Hawthorne Bridge, crossed to the Esplanade, then rode that & continued on through the Springwater Corridor until we reached Sellwood Park. The moment we arrived, we realized we were missing something--a bottle of wine! We quickly rode up the hill to New Seasons to grab a bottle of Merlot, two plastic cups, and a bag of chocolate chip cookies. What a treat! We rode back, borrowed a corkscrew from a nearby family, and in no time at all were enjoying ourselves. Samuel had fallen asleep on the way, so woke up right about the time we got the wine uncorked. He had such a blast running through the park, laughing at the dogs swimming out to fetch sticks their owners would throw, and chasing balloons. Landon went and found him a balloon for his very own (American Ins. was passing them out at a table), and he proudly carried it through the park until it was time to go. The queue that it was time to go was the sun slipping beneath the west horizon. We went back by way of the Sellwood Bridge, and within 30 minutes, we were home. Once they improve the Sellwood Bridge, that route will be great access for us to the east side & the Springwater Corridor, instead of going all the way to the Hawthorne Bridge, then making our way back on the east side. I enjoy going north along the west bank, because it is beautiful, but it will be nice to have other options once they improve the Sellwood Bridge, especially when time is a factor! Anyway, tonight was one of those summer nights that I'll remember forever. Here is a picture just before the sun set of Samuel and I when he was watching the dogs fetch sticks in the Willamette. --Karli
P.S. The music was jazz--Lloyd Jones--he was great!

Long Bike Ride (about 20 miles)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

We spent all morning searching for materials to make raised beds on our s facing streetside beds, but Home Depot & Lowe's let us down, and Parr Lumber was closed. Sigh! The latter half of the day was spent on a four mile bike ride. I failed to remember sunscreen this time, although I've been really good about it all summer, and I got a sunburn. Landon didn't burn as badly as I, but he was slightly burned on his arms. It was a lot of fun, but we were super tired by the time we climbed our hill!

Pizza Schmizza Route

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Until about 3pm today, nothing was accomplished--oh, I mean, one thing was accomplished--we got Samuel down for a nap--finally! He has really been fighting naptime, even though he is so tired & more than ready. I've never tried to lay him down unless he's rubbing his eyes & showing all the signs, which, by the way, happens to occur at about the same time every day, which has turned into a schedule. Well, today was one of those days that took hours to get him down. And, he was sooo cranky! Once he got up from his nap, we biked down to the S Waterfront district & got a bite to eat at Pizza Schmizza. It was a nice, short ride. Just what we needed after being cooped in the house all morning & afternoon! --Karli

Mary-Louise Parker

Friday, July 14, 2006

Did some reading--still enjoying Saturday--watched a couple of episodes of Weeds, a new Showtime series we started watching through Netflix, then went to bed by about 11pm. I really like Mary-Louise Parker! I remembered her from Fried Green Tomatoes, and had forgotten, but she is on my list of all-time, top-favorite, female actors!

Making a Slideshow at RockYou for Myspace

Thursday, July 13, 2006
Myspace has been useful for me in that it has enabled me to reconnect with many old friends! I know I'm a little behind the game--even my Mom has a slide show!--but, tonight I added a slide show to my page.

But, to save you from going there, here is the slideshow I've just posted there:

Better Day

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What a difference a day makes! I had a much easier day with Samuel today. We went to the library to drop of a few books, then went to the store, and he happily snacked on samples while I picked up some ingredients to make homemade humus again. It's so easy, and so delicious! I have to be careful not to eat too much, though--that stuff isn't light on the calories.

Landon made stir fry tonight. Our rice maker that my Dad gave us a couple of years ago gave out, so we're back to cooking it on the pan. We used it so much! I'd really like to get another one, but Landon says cooking it on the stove is just as good--just not as convenient!

Other than that, I'm still plugging away at Saturday by Ian McEwan, and it's terrific so far! After reading The Virgin's Knot, which I found to be extremely boring, I'm having fun reading again!

Challenging Day Part 2

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Samuel and I went to playgroup today, and it was fun to chat with the other moms, and gave Samuel an opportunity to explore some new toys. I thought getting out of the house would make things easier on us, but once I got back home, it took me over an hour to get him to sleep for his nap, then once he woke up, it was back to the same pattern as yesterday where he was getting into things, pounding the walls with his toys, found a pen & started trying to draw on his green ball (thank goodness I caught him before he took it to the walls!). I try to find humor in some of these situations, but my energy level has been really low lately, and I've been extremely tired, so maybe that is why today & yesterday have seemed so challenging. Maybe tomorrow will be better!

Challenging Day

Monday, July 10, 2006

Today was probably the roughest day I've had with Samuel in a long time. Every time I turned around, he was into something. He took a cup & scooped out potting soil from a couple of my house plants & dumped it all over the living room, then there was the time he crawled up on the kitchen table & threw decorative marbles all over the floor....the list goes on. I felt impatient, and felt like all I did all day was redirect him & say 'no.' When Landon got home, he could tell I was super stressed, and took Samuel to the park, giving me a break. I think part of the problem is that I tried to stay home all day today, but obviously that isn't going to work! I will try to plan at least one outing per day.

Pictures of Peru

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Tonight, we had Mike, Susan, & Gay over for dinner & to look at their pictures from Peru. They were really good, although I only got to see about 20. It was really hot today, and it took me about an hour and a half to get Samuel to sleep while they were looking at pictures on our TV. I heard bits & pieces about their trip. It sounds really beautiful there! Someday maybe we will get the opportunity to go! This will probably be when we are in our fifties & are experiencing the empty nest...I can't imagine leaving Samuel behind, and I sure can't imagine taking him up the Inca Trail!

2nd Long Bike Ride

Saturday, July 08, 2006

We went for another long bike ride today! We rode down Corbett, then along the waterfront, through the S Waterfront construction, then crossed the Hawthorne Bridge, riding up Clinton to Landon's parents' house. I won't give away the street, since you never know who reads your blog, but it's almost all the way to 82nd Ave, folks! That's a LONG bike ride for a girl like me, and mostly uphill. By the time we rode back & walked our bikes up Corbett's steep hill, my face was a shade of purple that looked pretty awful. Once I cooled down, I felt much better, and was so glad we did it. Landon was glad to have seen his parents, who just got back from Peru yesterday. We stopped at Children's Exchange on the way home, and got some super cute shorts for Samuel, two of which were only .75!! The bike ride took up most of the day, but what better way to spend a Saturday? Now if we could just get some other families to go with us!

Back from Peru!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Samuel & I picked up Mike & Susan at the airport this morning. Their flight was delayed, so we ended up staying there for a couple of hours, but luckily, there was a play structure there, and thanks to my latest technique of carrying sanitization cloths in my purse, Samuel isn't getting sick! I wiped him down about 3 times while he was playing there. My second technique is to not feed him while he is playing on unsanitary structures or with unsanitary toys--this has greatly reduced the amount of hand to mouth activity! Anyway, Mike & Susan arrived safely & were glad to see me, as they had planned to bus home.

Later in the afternoon, we got a surprise visit from my parents, which was really nice! They stayed for about an hour or so, and were on their way home from getting a new golf cart (2006) for my Dad. Happy golfing, Dad! Samuel seemed to interact & play with my Mom & Dad, which was great, since they don't get to see his playful side too often!

Landon didn't go to session tonight, and we both wanted to get to bed at a decent hour, because we're planning a long bike ride tomorrow!

The bike ride from last weekend wore me out so much that I was caught off guard by how drowsy I was for days afterward. But, it's a good tired! Wait a second, did I just say that?!



Thursday, July 06, 2006

I've been reading like crazy lately since I am in two book clubs, and can't seem to decide which one I want to drop! Reading 2 novels a month with a small toddler is quite a challenge! I put it up there with running a marathon. And, by the way, I've been extremely tired lately, hence my picture selection. --Karli


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Today was like a Monday, because of the holiday, and since we were so busy all weekend, and mainly away from the house, there was lots to do. Things I did today:
Vaccuum, Sweep, Do Dishes, Feed Samuel breakfast, Lay Samuel down for nap, Tried to lay down for 30 minutes, but our damn cat Felix woke me up meandering through the house meowing at the top of his lungs, so I drank my coffee for 30 minutes & zoned out on myspace, Samuel woke up, fed him lunch, watered some plants, started doing laundry, folded 3 loads of laundry & put them away, went to A-Boy & picked up some garden & chicken mulch as well as potting soil, met my friend Jen briefly at Starbucks for some catch-up time, sanitized Samuel's hands since he played with toys at Starbucks, went to Fred Meyer and got some groceries, got home by 6pm, gardened for 2 hours, did the dishes from dinner, and here I am, sipping on some wine & trying to relax after gardening before I dive into the novel I'm reading for one of the two book clubs I am in. I'm not sure how long it will take me before I decide which one I will stick with, but I'm going to give it a couple of months. Okay, that about sums up my day of lots of chores.

I'm troubled about N Korea's launching of 7 missiles yesterday, one of which had the power to send a warhead to US soil. I hope we can resolve this without going to war. I'm starting to wonder what kind of world we're living in these days. --Karli

4th of July Celebration in our New Neighborhood

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July! And Happy 30th Anniversary, Mom & Dad! Turns out our street is a big hit for people all around who come up to see the Oak's Park & Sellwood fireworks from the top of the hill. Several neighbors had big elaborate parties, and there were lots of fireworks going off a block down from our house at the intersection of Corbett & Custer. It was a lot of fun! After spending a few hours in St. Helen's at Amy's party, we headed home so Samuel could go to bed, then Landon and I walked down and watched the fireworks a block from our house with the baby monitor in hand. What a view! This will be exciting for all the 4th of July's to come in the future. Next year, I'm hoping Samuel can be more involved. It's exciting that the neighbors all rally together and have parties. We're thinking of having one of our own next year! It's a perfect place to watch fireworks! Here is a picture right at dusk which shows how many cars are parked at our intersection. --Karli

Beach Trip Gives Way to Afternoon of Hiking

Monday, July 03, 2006

We wanted to go to the beach today, but we neglected to go prepared, so after spending just one hour there waiting for it to warm up, we realized it wasn't going to, and headed home to spend our day doing something else. After spending a total of 3 hours total commute time in the car and an hour in Cannon Beach, we arrived back home at 2pm, and left to go on a hike. I wore Samuel most of the time (he even fell asleep) in the Ergo, which worked out pretty well. We found a new trail head on Iowa St. and explored that to the top of Terwilliger. It was really neat, and actually went beneath I-5 & Barbur. It's amazing there are forested trails so close to our house, yet we live in such an urban area. After we got home, I browsed a little bit, and found out there are many ways we can cut through & hike to most services & parks in this area. We were tired when we got home, but it felt good that we spent the day getting exercise & out in the fresh air. --Karli (P.S. I'm reminiscing about how little Samuel was, so here is a picture around 4 months).

Long Day

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Today was the barn party in Scappoose, and it was fun, but challenging to keep Samuel from getting into barnyard tools & equipment. He liked seeing the pigs & the chickens. There were also several dogs roaming about that he enjoyed seeing up close. It was hot today! When we got home, we put Samuel down, then I walked down the hill to Zupan's to get a few things for our planned Cannon Beach trip tomorrow. I'm so tired! I'm about to go up and try to get some reading done before I go to bed, but I just know I'll get only two pages into the novel & fall asleep. I feel like I have chronic fatigue syndrome lately! Oh, by the way, we met our goal of having Samuel weaned by the 1st--this is day 3 sans breastfeeding, and I'm hoping the discomfort will go away soon! Samuel has done really well, which only proves that it was time. --Karli

Late Night Scare

Saturday, July 01, 2006

July is here! We started the month off by leaving late morning on a bike ride. Unfortunately, we got off to a rough start. Landon got into an accident. The Burley wheel ran into a fire hydrant, causing the Burley & Landon's bike to immediately become stationary, sending Landon flying off his bike to the ground. He didn't complain, but it looked as though he has some uncomfortable injuries. He landed on his thumb, he scraped his inner thigh, and had a sore on his knee from hitting the concrete. Samuel was fine, thank-goodness. We walked over the Sellwood bridge, then rode along the Springwater Corridor and into the Eastbank Esplanade. It was a lot of fun, and the weather was perfect. We went to Jamison Square in the Pearl district, and Samuel had a blast playing in the wading pool. I took my shoes off for awhile, and the water felt good. It was a hot day! I'm so glad we slathered sun screen on--the worst part about being outdoors on a hot summer day is to realize at the end of the day that you have a miserable sunburn. Fortunately, none of us have sunburns thanks to sunscreen! I was SO tired when we got home. I couldn't help nodding off. Landon took Samuel to Fulton Park after he had a nap in the Burley (he fell asleep on the way home, so we left him in the Burley down in our cool basement). While they were gone, I fell asleep, and an hour later, groggily walked into Samuel's room, and Landon was already getting him ready for bed! I told Landon I would lay down with Samuel until he fell asleep while he watered. I must have fallen asleep with Samuel again, because the next thing I knew, it was 2am! I unfortunately was woken up by Landon, who fell off our bed somehow. In my sleep, I thought it was Samuel falling down our stairs, and I shot out of bed, but not before banging my elbow extremely hard on Samuel's end-table, which is pushed up right against his bed. I have a swollen bit of cartilage there now, and it's rough bending it back & forth. I wouldn't be surprised if I chipped the bone or cracked it. I hope not. Anyway, as it turned out, Landon had fallen off our bed, making a loud crashing sound, which is why it sounded like Samuel falling down the stairs. Samuel started crying loudly for me when he heard the racket, because he was scared. I was scared, too! I was shaking really hard! I really did think Samuel had fallen somewhere in the dark, and even down the stairs. I know it was an accident on Landon's part, but I was a little irritated about it, especially since I injured my elbow. I guess he had gotten up to close the window, and missed when trying to lay back down or something along those lines. Soon enough, we were all back to sleep. So, I think I got about 12 hours of sleep last night (broken up, but 12 hours nonetheless), and Samuel had me up at 6:30am. Maybe I'll take a nap later...but, for right now, I feel okay. Karli
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