Monday, June 19, 2006
I forgot to mention that Samuel did indeed come down with that cold/cough on the third day. It's a bad one. Poor guy is so congested. He was up most of last night, and Landon and I slept apart, while I stayed up with him. I hate seeing Samuel sick--it is so sad, and he is so helpless. I'm glad we hadn't completely weaned him yet, and he was able to nurse a little last night. That always seems to make him feel better. I'm afraid that by the end of June, though, he will probably be completely weaned. He's not even really nursing at nap-times anymore. I'm trying to get him to learn to go down without nursing. He already does such a great job of going to sleep with Landon (he doesn't even cry or fuss one bit), so I want him to learn to do the same with me. If we can break him of nursing at nap-times & night-waking, then he'll be completely weaned. I've already gone from a 40DD to a 32DD, which is really weird, since I was always a 36C before--maybe I'll get that C cup back when he's completely weaned. I've heard your breasts get smaller than pre-pregnancy/nursing once you wean.

More gardening today--I have all those plants I bought on Friday to get into the ground before they wilt & die. Most of the time you buy plants at the nursery they are completely root-bound, so they don't have the ability to survive more than a few more days in those pots. So, I'm plugging away at it.

My goal is to have Samuel weaned by July 1st! I hope we'll be there by then!


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